‘My Friend Scott Was a Mensch’

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Mr. Wyant, center, with Councilman Goran Eriksson, left, and Marcus Tiggs

[Editor’s Note: Former Mayor Andy Weissman delivered these memories at Sunday evening’s memorial for Scott Wyant.] This is about the last place I want to be. But it is the place I need to be to share Scott with all of you. It is my honor to be able to speak today.  When Leslie and Molly asked me if I … Read More

Voncannon: ‘Scott’s Death Is a Huge, Huge Loss’

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David Voncannon

[Editor’s Note: Mr. Voncannon was a colleague of the late Scott Wyant on the Planning Commission. Mr. Wyant died on May 11.] Scott Wyant and I served together for five years on the Planning Commission, and I had known him for three years before that. As a Planning Commissioner, his outstanding personal traits carried over. Scott was a highly intelligent, … Read More

Catholic, Mormon Terrorists Believed Under Suspicion?

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Terrified teenaged concertgoer in Manchester last night is comforted by security officer

Newspapers this morning overflowed with yawning emptiness regarding the identity of the latest Irish Catholic or Italian Mormon terrorist to wreak fear in the quivering hearts of normal people in Manchester, England. In the wake of last night’s 10:30 terrorist attack at a concert in England, anonymous law enforcement officials revealed that a cluster of potential Catholic and Mormon ruffians … Read More

Memories Are Made of This. This Is Scott Wyant

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Mr. Wyant, right, at his City Council campaign kickoff, with Councilman Jim Clarke

Judging by the depth of tributes at last evening’s memorial for Scott Wyant at the Vets Auditorium, he knew — closely — more persons than any man in America. Some people collect friends. What separated and distinguished Mr. Wyant was that he vigorously invested in them, and they, equally, in him. Friendship with Scott Wyant was a two-way street. Wyant … Read More

Polystyrene Ban Broader, Deeper Than It Looks

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Mr. Eriksson

Second in a series   Re “On the Road with Councilman Eriksson” City Hall’s recently approved ban on polystyrene usage by restaurants has brought a spray of bonus developments – spawned in part by City Councilman Goran Eriksson — that should be further pleasing to environmental activists. “When we began talking about a ban,” Mr. Eriksson said, “it was only … Read More

Marijuana Watch: Police Aren’t Relaxing

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A new policy looms for police in Culver City

Second in a series Re “Prop. 64 to Bring New Police Approach”   The nearly impossible city-by-city chore of supervising/governing/chasing the production/consumption of now-legal marijuana hands every local California police agency an impossible assignment. This is the most unmanageable, distasteful task officers have faced since some were told a few decades ago to root out unpopular sexual activities in private … Read More

Prop. 64 to Bring New Police Approach

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Lt. Cid

Second in a series   Re “Talking Marijuana at City Hall” Since Culver City residents were invisible at the first meeting of the Marijuana Task Force, here is a bone for uses, growers, sellers and others to gnaw at: Given the enormity of the development of regulations applying to Culver City residents after voters approved Prop. 64, police Lt. Manny … Read More

Cheers! Yes, There Are Some Glitches

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It has been one month since my A1c blood test showed a slightly higher than normal score. The score indicated I needed to cut down on sugar, and carbs – which turn into sugar — in my diet. I look forward to each meal more than I did in the past when I was eating more sugary foods. I enjoy … Read More

How Did You Vote on Prop. 64, Sir?

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Mr. Nachbar, right, with City Councilman Jim Clarke

[Editor’s Note: The second meeting of the Marijuana Task Force will be Saturday morning, June 3, 10 to noon. Jesse Mays, assistant to the city manager, said the meeting will be in Council Chambers.]   While the Marijuana Task Force plunges into a mudcaked pool of potential regulations for Culver City now that the drug is legal, a curious question occurred: … Read More

Until the End, Memory Was Primary for Scott Wyant

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Second in a series   Re “Jim, Diana Solomon Were F.O.S.: Friends of Scott Wyant”  [Editor’s Note: There will be a memorial service for Scott Wyant on Sunday evening at 6:30 at the Vets Auditorium.] In the week that his friend Scott Wyant, surfer extraordinaire,  has been gone, Jim Solomon has been swimming in difficult memories. Hardly anyone could have … Read More