30 Years Is Enough, Says Rose

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Mr. Rose

“It’s time.” Spurning an elongated farewell, Steve Rose succinctly announced the why and the when of his impending retirement as president and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce yesterday morning at a Board of Directors meeting. Since at least the turn of the century when he was elected to his first term on the City Council, Mr. Rose has been … Read More

Alexa, Please Read (and Enjoy) My Essay

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Siri has competition in my house.  Alexa is the new star. For $40, Amazon delivered the wonderful Echo Dot, which now sits next to my computer. Me: Alexa, tell me a joke.  (As you can see, I love this feature. Here are two jokes I just heard: Alexa: I took the shell off my racing snail to make him faster. … Read More

Who Would Believe This Absurdity

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Dateline Jerusalem – Absurdity is defined as the quality or state of being ridiculous or wildly unreasonable. The definition  should include “United Nations,” “Palestinians,” and “European Union.” Who else could advocate so many preposterous, ludicrous propositions as Israeli occupation is the cause of Palestinians beating their wives, Israelis are racists because Israeli soldiers do not rape Palestinian women, and Israel … Read More

Honoring Forte for Being One of a Kind

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Mr. Forte

Sitting down one warm, sunny morning with warm and sunny James Forte is akin to inviting a clarinetist into your home. Except he turns out to be a sprawling, beautifully harmonious symphony orchestra. Born to reshape history, Mr. Forte was the first black police officer and later the first black firefighter in previously single shaded Culver City. On Sunday afternoon … Read More

Holiday Fireworks at West L.A. College

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For the 51st year, the Culver City Exchange Club will sponsor the July 4th fireworks show, which by now is established on the campus of West Los Angeles College. Gates will open at 4 o’clock a week from Tuesday, and the fireworks will begin at dusk. West Los Angeles College is on the southeast corner of Overland Avenue and Jefferson … Read More

Look Who Is in the Lead – Anybody?

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Second in a series   Re “Meet the ‘Leader,’ the Captain of the City Council” A formerly prominent political observer at City Hall paused, exhaled and said that “this must be a frustrating time” for City Council members. “I am tempted to say there is a lack of leadership on the Council,” she said. “But that isn’t quite accurate or … Read More

He Was Somewhat Like Alexander the Great

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Alexander T. Great

There he was, the smiling superintendent of the School District. Dr. Josh Arnold. Father of two. Husband of one. Leader of 6,000-plus students in Culver City. He may not have been Alexander the Great – who died at 33. But he was conquering Culver City worlds that his predecessors had not been able to defeat. Since the last century, District … Read More

0-3 Democrats Groping, Griping to Explain Losses

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Mr. Ossoff appears ill at his stomach

Last night, for the third consecutive Congressional race since President Trump took office five months ago, desperate Democrats failed to win a seat they were 100 percent positive they would win.   First Kansas, then Montana and last night Georgia. Runny eggs were dripping from the sad faces on CNN as liberals groped for an explanation or an excuse. For … Read More

Meet the ‘Leader,’ the Captain of the City Council

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Ms. Sahli-Wells

First of a series   This is not your father’s City Council.   One reason is the unofficial leader of the Council does not resemble your father. Meghan Sahli-Wells is inarguably charmingly feminine, inarguably smart and astute. She also is: Assertive. Informed. Articulate. Committed so deeply to her causes that no one ever has espied the bottom of her political … Read More

Defending Boyle Heights Against Gentrification

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Reminder from Mr. Goodmon’s activists

[Editor’s Note: The leader of the Crenshaw Subway Coalition, which seeks to have the light rail tracks built underground, reminds followers why they should oppose gentrification in East L.A.’s Boyle Heights.]   Just a quick update, policy on commentators on our page: If you say cops or I.C.E. should be called on protesters or that protestors should take off their … Read More