Then There Was Warren’s Trumped-up Claim

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Fist doubled, Sen. Warren is ready to fight

The headline on Friday morning’s essay by my friend and colleague Tom Elias (“Hate Crimes up. Trump Did It”) condenses his thesis. In a state where millions of raggedy criminal illegal aliens recklessly and fearlessly flaunt our most sacred laws daily because liberal Hispanic lawmakers have inoculated them against arrest, Mr. Elias blames President Trump. Thrashing logic nearly to death, … Read More

Final Score Clear Going into Council Meeting

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Based on her public comments going into this evening’s 7 o’clock meeting. City Councilwoman Meghan Sahli-Wells has not the vaguest idea how many residents endorse her enthusiastic embrace of retail cannabis stores. With the second reading of a broad, dense retail marijuana ordinance at hand, neither does Mayor Jeff Cooper nor Vice Mayor Thomas Small. Together, the three form an … Read More

A Sad Take on Trump’s Courageous Call

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As a Jew, the most disappointing – but least surprising – reaction to President Trump’s landmark Jerusalem decision was the broad disapproval declared by non-Orthodox Jews. Politics, sadly, is their defining identity. It is more important to these anti-religious types to boo President Trump than to celebrate an astounding worldwide victory for their own people. The present generations of Jews … Read More

My Data Is Current, Theirs Is Old, Eriksson Asserts

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Mr. Eriksson

While the Los Angeles City Council this week approved a plan that will grant priority to retail cannabis applicants with marijuana convictions, in Culver City, the City Councilman Goran Eriksson is driving in the opposite directions. He concedes that he will not be able to change the mindsets of his three opponents on the Council when the cannabis rules discussion … Read More

For Curren, the Price Is Wrong Nearly Every Time

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Mr. Price

Curren Price is given to ignorant racist statements that force you to ask how many times in a week he puts the correct shoe on the correct foot. Is he auditioning for Saturday Night Live? This week the daffy dope defender was celebrating a new Los Angeles policy regarding applicants to operate retail cannabis stores. The line sounds like a … Read More

The Unexpected Happiest Day of the Year

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Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Trump

Dateline Jerusalem — I am so proud to be an American and an Israeli.  This week has been a time of miracles for Israel. Less than a week before Chanukah, the Festival of Miracles, Jerusalem finally was declared the capital of the modern State of Israel. Mazal tov! Jerusalem has been the undivided eternal capital of Israel and the Jewish people for over … Read More

Jerusalem and Courage of 2 U.S. Presidents

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Harry and Bess Truman

Two desperate reasons have been given for denying the brave President Trump his intention of moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv, a nice but meaningless town, to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital for 3300 years: It will set off Arab violence through the world and damage chances of a successful conclusion to peace talks that Palestinians have sabotaged for 70 consecutive … Read More

Naysayers Wrongly Stirring Pot, Cooper Says

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Mr. Cooper

Plain as unbuttered toast, Mayor Jeff Cooper steps into the middle of the debate to forcefully disagree with waves of protests over the alleged hush-hush and rush-rush way the City Council has treated newborn cannabis regulations. Contending that residents have had ample opportunity to contribute, the mayor said that “the marijuana issue has been done with complete transparency at all … Read More

Clarke in Capo Was Like Going Home

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Marina, Capo d’Orlando

Second in a series Re “Clarke Celebrated Thanksgiving in Italian” Devoting half of his 10-day Italian holiday to seaside Capo d’Orlando, Culver City’s newest Sister City, Jim Clarke almost felt at home. “Because it is a small community (14,000),” said the City Councilman, “on the street I kept running into people I knew. “Besides Thanksgiving, they did two other dinners … Read More

Vera Urges Council to Slow, Give Voice to Residents

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Mr. Vera

First in a series As momentum built throughout this year to bring a comprehensive legalized marijuana enterprise to Culver City, Albert Vera, a candidate for the City Council in April, staunchly defended his minority position: He advocated for delivery only. No more. “That ship has sailed,” he said sadly. Delivery-only was an unpopular stance in many California city halls because … Read More