Isn’t Anyone Worried About This L.A. Monument?

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Mr. Rosebrock, ticketed by VA officers for hanging flag at VA Home

Fellow Americans … While monuments of the Confederacy are being destroyed one after the other, let us not forget that one of the biggest monuments of the Civil War in honor of the Union soldiers has long been desecrated and shamefully destroyed. This would be the Los Angeles National Soldiers Home, deeded for housing and caring for all of our war-injured and … Read More

Sponsors Deliver for Culver High Football

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Mr. Morabito

Because of limited athletic budgets in many school districts. most good athletic programs have to fund raise to help offset large costs to run their programs. Since Culver City High School does not have crowds of 4,000 and 5,000 for its football games, the school has to rely on sponsors — and major sponsors — to help keep a competitive … Read More

Jew Haters Hone in on More Dynamic Target

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This is rich. The Times, the oldest surviving anti-Semitic publication in Los Angeles, calls out President Trump’s perceived slowness in labeling white supremacists as racists. This is the same newspaper that idly picked its teeth when President Obama, unintentionally facetious, branded an Islamic terror attack at Ft. Hood “workplace violence.”   This is the same newspaper that picked its teeth … Read More

Cops at Fault in Charlottesville, Says Camarella

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Mr. Camarella

First of two parts The most important and depressint lesson from the Charlottesville tragedy rests on a three-pronged prod, says community activist Tom Camarella. History is repeating. “Here in 1965 with the Watts Riots, here in 1991 with Rodney King and last weekend in Charlottesville, the police did the exact same thing,” he said. “They stood there. “And they knew … Read More

Charlottesville: Police Can’t Win, Says Bixby

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Chief Scott Bixby

As a lifelong officer of the law, Police Chief Scott Bixby is as puzzled this morning as he was last Saturday night watching video of the Charlottesville brawl. How, he wonders, can millions of Americans blame police officers for what happened on an ugly night in Colonial Virginia when two heavily armed behemoths clashed? He is feeling boxed. “This is … Read More

The Night That Truth Was Shot to Death

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You never could have discerned this elephant-sized truism from last weekend’s loaded coverage of the Charlottesville Conference of Street Scholars: Each one of the square-headed behemoths from the right and the left who squared off in gutless gutter warfare is an embarrassment to his family. If we assume all of the mentally wounded warriors on the supremacist right required eight … Read More

Bend the Arc – a Vague Concept?

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Liberals often can be identified by their imprecise language that feels better than consuming a jumbo box of chocolates. Or a box of jumbo chocolates. Take the Jewish liberal group Bend the Arc – please – as my late non-friend Rod Dangerfield used to plead. Bend’s definition of its mission  only is scary if the words are meant to be … Read More

Where Does Water Board Director Live?

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Hews Media Group-Community News has received a surveillance video providing strong evidence that Central Basin Municipal Water Director Leticia Vasquez has not been residing in the house she claims to live at within her district. Instead, she resides at the home of her husband, attorney Ron Wilson, on Northland Drive in Los Angeles. We have confirmed with the Los Angeles … Read More

What Goes Into Old Natatorium Space?

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Second in a series   Re “Super Enthusiasm for the New School Year” “Everything is ready for our students to come back,” says a constantly energized Leslie Lockhart, interim superintendent of the School District. Before discussing this evening’s School Board Workshop targeting the replacement for the fast-vanishing Natatorium, Ms. Lockhart turned to the immediate schedule. Registration is under way this … Read More

Illegal Alien Tests the True Meaning of ‘Illegal’

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Mr. Avelica-Gonzalez

Depending on whether you are pro-illegal alien or pro-law, the heavily wrinkled deportation case of Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez is an emotional cause. Twenty-five years ago when Our Pal Romulo was 24, he sneaked into our country. He later married and had two now-school-age daughters. Sounds like an Hispanic version of Father Knows Best. Except Robert Young was not a criminal. Since … Read More