Baking a Cake or a Baking a Phony Case?

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Religious baker Jack Phillips, Lakewood, Co, targeted by gay couple

As someone who has looked different from 99 percent of the population all of his life, I am negatively intrigued by the two liberal gay guys in Colorado who charge bigotry because a religious Christian would not bake a cake for their odd pairing. Boys, what did you expect when you coldly targeted a religious man? Their cry is as … Read More

When Will It Be Public’s Turn on Marijuana?

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The most sizzling corner of the cannabis debate centers on whether soon-to-be-legal marijuana will be received in Culver City with arms that are open or fists that are closed. No one who has spoken out, especially the deeply divided City Council, has a clue whether the drug will be very welcome or very unwelcome. Only Councilwoman Meghan Sahli-Wells is positive … Read More

Clarke Celebrated Thanksgiving in Italian

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First in a series Best Thanksgiving of his life, said the holiday traveler and City Councilman Jim Clarke. Thanksgiving with an Italian accent. What’s a man to do when he is thousands of miles from Culver City and a holiday won’t wait? On a 10-day visit to Italy, Mr. Clarke invested 50 percent of his trip in the scenic seaside … Read More

Kaepernick Won’t Salute – ACLU Does It for Him

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Kaepernick with white parents Rick and Teresa at Nevada-Reno, 2010

Kaepernick, the freak poster boy of the left who turned anti-American before failing at football, won an award Sunday night for his courage. Not long after the American “Civil” Liberties Union honored the pretty late Benedict Arnold for shrewdly betraying a country of racist colonists, the ACLU went freak-shopping again. It is a sign of the desperation of the left … Read More

Race, Gender Aside, Tiggs Seeks Seriously Diverse Council

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Mr. Tiggs, left, with former Councilman Paul Jacobs

Second in a series Re “Council Seeker Tiggs Debuts as a Republican” Cloaked in a Republican label for the first time in his political career, City Council candidate Marcus Tiggs was questioned about his strategy for the April election. Is it important to be all over Culver City? To concentrate on certain neighborhoods? To focus on a specific message? Mr. … Read More

A Lady King Who Spits on Jewish History

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Ms. King

Cradling a severed Jewish head in his bloodied right arm, a drooling Tehran imam could not have written a more subjectively inaccurate account of potentially moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem than teeth-baring Laura King did in Friday’s Los Angeles Times. As a well-tested Jew-hater, Ms. King is supposed to tuck her feelings into her purse when … Read More

Council Seeker Tiggs Debuts as a Republican

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Mr. Tiggs, right, with fellow Republican Walter Shuvin

First of two parts No stranger to City Council races, Marcus Tiggs, Republican, inaugurated his new campaign on the loveliest late autumn Sunday of the year with a stunning new distinction polished to a high gloss for the April election. Mr. Tiggs, a soft-spoken bankruptcy attorney, announced he was identifying publicly for the first time as a Republican yesterday, a … Read More

Wheeee! Was That Blur the City Council?

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In its high-speed dash to meet a fog-shrouded deadline as clouded as the subject at hand, the City Council’s second reading of complicated, incomplete new retail marijuana rules is on the calendar for next Monday. “If I were a concerned member of the public,” said a 30’ish concerned member of the Culver City public, “I would say the City Council … Read More

Despite Years of Land Losses, Israel Celebrates at 70

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Dateline Jerusalem — Most people think of May 14, 1948, the day the modern State of Israel was established.  Although Israel will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of its declaration of independence next year, most people do not realize that six months earlier, Nov. 29, 1947, 70 years ago this week, the United Nations voted on U.N. Resolution 181. It called … Read More

I Meant to Do It Much Earlier

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Just when I thought I had completed all projects around the house that I want and/or need to do, here come a few more. Today is one of those unusual days when I have nothing else to do but projects. Thank the Lord. The Sprinkler Our sprinkler systems have changed over the 30-odd years we have lived in this house. … Read More