Tiggs Advocates Commercial Cannabis Ban

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[Editor’s Note: Mr. Tiggs, whose campaign for a City Council seat opens Sunday at 2 o’clock at 4378 Jasmine Ave., sent the following message to the Council ahead of last Monday’s meeting to approve new retail marijuana operations.] Due to work unexpectedly taking me out of town, I am unable to be present this evening. In my 25-plus years as … Read More

Put Cannabis Retail in Shopping Centers, Says Lachoff

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Mr. Lachoff

[Editor’s Note: The former chair of the Chamber of Commerce addressed the City Council on Monday evening on looming perils with the arrival of legalized retail marijuana sales in Culver City.] Two weeks ago you extended the public comment period for 120 days for the Inglewood Oil Field, after years of consideration. The Oil Field folks should hire HdL and the cannabis … Read More

Clarke Sees ??? in Culver City’s Cannabis Future

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Mr. Clarke’s chair was empty at Monday’s City Council meeting. He is due home today from Italy.

At the dawn of the blanketedly mysterious cannabis era, Culver City is not likely to become a magnet, a destination or a cash cow for shoppers, in Jim Clarke’s view. “Everybody wants a piece of the pie,” said the City Councilman who has been traveling in Italy. “By the time it gets down to us, not much will be left. … Read More

And Now, a Word (or a Million) from Meghan

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When Mayor Jeff Cooper polled his City Council colleagues for comments at the outset of Monday’s meeting, Meghan Sahli-Wells’s turn came, and you held onto your seat with both hands. And anyone else’s. Out of respect for her husband, she asked members to adjourn in memory of the 300-plus Egyptian Muslims massacred (by rival Muslims) over the weekend. Playing to … Read More

Council’s Overnight Pot Study Plan Called Appalling

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It is too early to know whether City Councilwoman Meghan Sahli-Wells, erstwhile champion of public comment, will succeed. She is investing her time in deflecting/ignoring/demeaning criticism of the way she and her colleagues are rushing cannabis regulations through a twisting, unfamiliar, unformed process to be ready when the state rings the legalization bell in January. Signs are the community is … Read More

Culver Studios Makes Gift to Ed Foundation

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The Culver Studios

The Culver City Education Foundation today thanked The Culver Studios for its gift benefiting the School District’s Front and Center Theatre Collaborative, an innovative theater education program for TK-12th grade students in the School District. The $15,000 donation will help the Front and Center Theatre Collaborative reach more Culver City students. The gift will give them an opportunity to experience … Read More

Vera and Lee Take Opposing Pot Paths

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Council candidate Daniel Lee, center front, is flanked by Vice Mayor Thomas Small, Councilwoman Meghan Sahli-Wells, far left, and School Board member Dr. Kelly Kent

April’s two-seat election for the City Council may have become easier for voters to decide on Monday night. Two of the candidates – Albert Vera and Daniel Lee — came down on opposing sides in the heavy but onesided debate over cannabis retail regulations, perils and the belated release of the proposed but far from finalized rules for selling pot. … Read More

On a Rocky Night, Cannabis Rules Are Endorsed

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Meghan Sahli-Wells

Not only was there no doubt that the first reading of massive, thorny, remarkably complex new cannabis regulations was going to sail home a winner last evening, the supremely confident City Council majority repeatedly declared it would not brook criticism of its self-perceived admirable work. Councilmen Jim Clarke and Goran Eriksson could have stayed home. Actually, Mr. Clarke did phone … Read More

A Mighty Sweet Way to Preserve My Health

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Last week while browsing the aisles in Costco, I discovered and purchased a 64 oz. bottle of Mighty Mango, one of the Naked juice flavors. It was delicious. I only needed to dilute it half-and-half to get a great flavor and the benefit of a thick drink. Why a thick drink, you ask? A thickened drink, i.e., almost anything thicker … Read More

Israel Should Not Be Exception to Children’s Rule

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Rep. Betty McCollum

Dateline Jerusalem — “To be or not to be, that is the question,” the opening phrase in William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” asks this question: Is it nobler to suffer slings and arrows or to take arms against a sea of troubles by opposing them?  This appropriately describes the dilemma Israel faces with Palestinian terrorists under the age of 18.   According to an American Congresswoman, … Read More