A Lonely West Valley Voice Cries Out

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Perspective — Remember being taught about the Boston Tea Party? The patriots of Boston finally had enough taxation without representation. Well, folks, get your tea bags out and ready. The City of Los Angeles is divided into 15 equally populated council districts with supposedly equal representation in City Hall, each with an elected councilmember. In addition to the City Council, … Read More

Judaism Is Not a Threat to Any Religion

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The Israeli flag at Jerusalem’s Western Wall. Photo, Hynek Moravec via Wikimedia Commons.

Second of two parts Re “No Logical Reason to Oppose Trump’s Decision” Dateline Jerusalem — Islamic opposition to recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital emanates from Islam’s belief that Judaism, and all other religions, are obsolete — leaving only Islam as the true faith. Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital grants Judaism the status of a living religion, one that threatens Islam, … Read More

Unbeaten, but She is Longest Shot in Governor Race

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Delain Easton

 (One in an ongoing series of interviews with candidates for governor of California)  Delaine Eastin has never run a losing campaign for any office in 14 tries. But if the 70-year-old former state school superintendent emerges to win this year’s race for governor, it will be the biggest upset in the long history of California politics. Don’t rule her out, … Read More

No Logical Reason to Oppose Trump’s Decision

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The Israeli flag at Jerusalem’s Western Wall. Photo, Hynek Moravec via Wikimedia Commons.

First of two parts Dateline Jerusalem  — Now that President Trump has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital — and announced plans to relocate the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem — Arab and Muslim leaders and spokespersons have been trying to frighten other nations out of following his lead. To counter that effort, the world should consider a few salient points. Jerusalem, the capital … Read More

Wesson Stepped Into Needless Trouble on Purpose

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Mr. Wesson

@The Guss Report — It is the proverbial loose thread on the free speech sweater. It should not have been pulled, but now that it has, it will undoubtedly cause endless additional aggravation for the Los Angeles City Council (and its committees and commissions) in this new year and beyond. And it was so pointless and avoidable. During the closing … Read More

How Could GOP Do This to Their Fellow Californians?

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Thomas D. Elias
Mr. Elias

If there’s one thing members of Congress are elected to do, it is to look after the best interests of their own constituents and other people living in their state. If there’s one thing most of the 14 Republicans among California’s 53 members of the House of Representatives have not been doing much lately, it’s representing the best interests of … Read More

DWP Retire Plans Short

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L.A. Watchdog –The unfunded liability for the Dept. of Water and Power’s retirement liabilities improved as a result of the 12.7 percent return on invested assets for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016. As a result, the shortfall decreased from $2.8 billion (81 percent funded) to $1.8 billion (88 percent funded). This liability includes not only the traditional pension … Read More

Did Teachers Really Say That?

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Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Teachers union officers and activists had a lot to say in 2017, and others had a lot to say about them. Here are the 10 most memorable teacher union quotes of 2017, in countdown order: 10. “And if they vote, they will lose — they will get slaughtered. It’s not democracy to let them vote. What would be democratic is … Read More

Bad Guys or Good Bad Guys?

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Lily Eskelsen Garcia (Photo,Alex Wong/Getty Images)

“For decades, corporate CEOs and the wealthy have fought to enrich themselves at the expense of the rights and pocketbooks of working people, and that harms families in communities across the country.” —Lily Eskelsen García, president of the National Education Assn. This year the National Education Assn. took in more than $370 million in dues and agency fees and paid … Read More

A Favorite Obama Henchman Punches at Trump

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Susie Rice, who tried to make lying a playful national sport when she was President Obama’s national security advisor, emerged from under a desk last week. Enough time has passed for people to forget her failures, she reasoned. In a New York Times essay, she hooked her thumbs into her ears and made faces at President Trump. Eleven months after … Read More