A Letter from City Hall That Confused and Annoyed a Few Recipients

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At first, business owner Peter Messinger harbored dark suspicions about the true, but perhaps hidden, purpose of the letter he was reading with a measure of disbelief.

For a year and a half, the owner of The Aquarium, at the corner of Sepulveda Boulevard and Sawtelle, was one of the most vocally aggressive merchants on South Sepulveda fighting a huge redevelopment plan.

On a Marathon Evening, Council Finally Says Yes to UUT and Mixed-Use

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After Mayor Alan Corlin made a valiant but lonely and losing attempt to professionalize the coming Utility Users Tax campaign last night, the City Council resembled a kitten playing with a ball of yarn when it became deeply entangled in trying to demystify and defend the dense, newly downsized mixed-use ordinance.

Both measures passed by wide margins. But a funny thing happened to each on its way to victory. They took very different paths to approval.

On Mixed-Use: Community Benefits Should be Limited, Rose Says

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When City Councilman Steve Rose was reviewing the freshly refurbished limits for the controversial mixed-use ordinance — that will be debated by the Council at tonight’s 7 o’clock meeting — his eyes stopped roaming when he reached the novel concept known as Community Benefits.

Too vague, too broad, Mr. Rose contends.

As a group, the City Council cheered last July when Councilman Scott Malsin introduced Community Benefits as a compromise solution between builders who strive for bigness and neighbors who, almost uniformly, prefer petite structures.

If He Wins a Board Seat, Zeidman Pledges To Be Accessible

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[Second of two parts. See “It Is Time to Confront Thorny Issue of Permits,” Says Contender Zeidman,” Oct. 2.]

With less than a month to go before the School Board election on Nov. 6, the candidate C. Scott Zeidman is getting the kind of instant education all first-time campaigners encounter:

Were Culver City Police Warned Of Murder 3 Weeks in Advance?

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Twenty days before JoAnn Harris — six months pregnant — was gruesomely murdered on the afternoon of Aug. 24 at the National Guard Armory, the Culver City police reportedly were warned that the signs of a pending homicide were in place.
The informant allegedly also told the police that the suspect had attempted to recruit three different persons to assist him in the execution.

This would indicate Ms. Harris was not killed in an outburst of passion, as has been speculated, but that the crime was mapped out well in advance.

Did Culver City police respond in a covert manner or ignore the claim?

It Is Time to Confront Thorny Issue of Permits, Says Contender Zeidman

Ari L. NoonanNews

Brainy, ambitious and focused, he is a very active partner in a world-class business that carries a high-profile in the entertainment industry, and he also practices law.

But the man who brings the most unusual resume to next month’s School Board race says that his primary identity is being the parent of a third-grader at El Marino Language School.

As an independent entrepreneur who is very much in charge of his professional life, C. Scott Zeidman closely charts his son’s progress.

It Develops That ‘Redevelopment’ Has Devolved or Evolved Into a ‘Development’

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Although skies over Culver City have been spotlessly blue all day, City Councilman Steve Rose — who has no known training as a meteorologist — looked heavenward this afternoon, and he reported seeing cloudy terminology passing persistently overhead.

For weeks, Mr. Rose said, this newspaper and others in Culver City have been guilty of language-mangling.

Weissman Has a Lot to Say About Candidacy, from the Inside Out

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[Editor’s Note: See earlier story, “A Lifetime in the Making, Weissman Joins Candidates Field,” Sept. 26.]

Andy Weissman, who announced last week he will contend for one of the three City Council seats next April, did something unique on opening day of his campaign.

Culver City’s 90th Was Such a Success They Will Do It Again Sunday at 1

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The radiance emanating last evening from the shining faces of the historian Julie Lugo Cerra and the president Cathy Zermeno — the color of Ft. Knox gold and the size of the sun — eloquently told the story of two ladies who were in the midst of staging the Party of the Century in honor of Culver City’s birthday.

An evening that was the quintessence of community celebrations — exactly on the date of Culver City’s 90th birthday — will skip the intermediary stops and go directly into the history books and family albums.

Nobody Will Get Wet Tonight — Car Wash Appeal Is Off Council Agenda

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The tone of this evening’s City Council meeting was considerably lowered when a spotlight item — appealing a Planning Commission rejection of a proposed neighborhood car wash and convenience store — was postponed for seven weeks, at the appellant’s request.

Rescheduled for the second week in November, the philosophically fascinating subject of the proximity of two alike businesses is certain to trigger a lively debate.