Artists on Display for a Month

Frédérik SisaNews

The Whole Foods Market in Woodlands Hills recently put into action a community-oriented program whereby regional artists are given an opportunity to display their work. Launched with a reception, artworks are put on display for customers to enjoy and, perhaps, to purchase. On Saturday, June 10, I happily had the opportunity to share in the reception for Melisa Sharpe, whose fine art photographs will be on display for the coming month.

The location was a small, enclosed outdoor patio where sunlight poured in from large windows. A mural painted in a breezy, Italian style provided an element of ornamentation that enhanced the space without dominating it. It was a wonderful venue for a reception that featured a dozen easels, each holding a beautiful black and white photograph, and a table with fine cheeses, fruits and nuts for guests to enjoy. All told, dozens of people showed up — friends, family, co-workers, Whole Foods shoppers and staff — to enjoy images of places such as Hollywood, Santa Monica, New York and Puerto Rico.

Culver City, Recreational Vehicle Capital

Ari L. NoonanNews

     In a noteworthy stroke of irony, this heavily decorated, scraggly recreational vehicle/bus was espied in the Braddock Drive area touting the officially still-undeclared write-in candidacy of Mayor Albert Vera and the candidacy of Vice Mayor Gary Silbiger.. The irony is that traveling RV seems to be intended as a tribute to Mr. Vera for staving off an unpopular parking ordinance just before it was to be imposed  on RV owners. Mr. Vera this week won a thirty-day reprieve for RV owners.

In addition to a legend at the top declaring “Culver City, Recreational Vehicle Capital,” a line below it reads, “Look for Me on a Street Near You.”


Three Endorsements for O’Leary

Ari L. NoonanNews

Officer Jim Raetz, left, immediate past president of the  Police Union, with candidate Mehaul O’Leary at the Policemen’s Ball.

        City Council candidate Mehaul O’Leary has most recently been endorsed by the Police Union, the Fire Union and the Teachers Union.

Opening Ceremonies for the Culver City Little League

Ari L. NoonanNews

At season-opening ceremonies for the Culver City Little League last Saturday morning, guest speaker Artie Harris, left, top photo, was joined by Little League President George Aceves. Asst. Police Chief Hank Davies, lower photo, distributes stickers to players.

City Council Candidate Mehaul O’Leary

Ari L. NoonanNews

Supporters of City Council candidate Mehaul O’Leary have been busy planting these yard signs that leave no doubt about about Mr. O’Leary’s ethnic roots.

City Council Candidate Scott Malsin

Ari L. NoonanNews

Sgt. Frank LaFlamme, right, new president of the Police Union, congratulates City Council candidate Scott Malsin for winning the endorsement of his members.