I Was So Disappointed

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Mike Hennessey

Dateline Dayton — The Dayton Dragons baseball team is not doing well in the second half of the season. In last place, the Dragons have a record of 35 losses and 14 wins.  Even though they are not playing well, it’s still enjoyable to attend their games. Jose Siri has added to the excitement by hitting safely in 39 consecutive … Read More

Who Is the President?

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Mr. Rosebrock

Isn’t it stunning that more than 100  military Veterans have died while awaiting care at the Los Angeles VA (http://freebeacon.com/issues/oig-report-100-veterans-died-waiting-care-los-angeles-va/). Don’t take my word, Carefully read the Dept. of Veterans Affairs’ report from the Office of the Inspector General. The story below happened a few years ago. The huge backlog at the Los Angeles VA doctor’s waiting room was taking its toll. … Read More

Propaganda in School

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Palestinian Authority President Abbas. Photo, Screenshot.

Six years ago, a teenager in Newton, MA, Shiri Pagliuso, asked her father if it was true that Israel tortures and murders women activists in the Palestinian resistance movement. Then a high school freshman, Shiri had learned the information from her textbook — the Arab World Studies Notebook, a 540-page volume so riddled with unabashed bias that it had garnered a scathing 30-page report from the American Jewish Committee. Back in … Read More

Leader Newsome Spurns Polls

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Mr. Newsom

Gavin Newsom has a reported net worth of more than $10 million, an ownership interest in more than a dozen businesses from wineries to hotels and a steadfast, almost lifelong friendship with plutocrat Gordon Getty. Yet he is running for governor (and has led the polls since he declared for the office well over a year ago) as an advocate … Read More

Reacting When My Wife Has Alzheimer’s

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Dateline Dayton — Some time ago I shared with you that my wife Pauline had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She has been on medication ever since. I question whether it is helping.  We are told the caregiver does not recognize the benefits of the medication. Nevertheless my feeling stands. I recognize no medication today will bring a cure. We were … Read More

Clothes(d) Topic Wears Thin

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Mike Hennessey

Dateline Dayton — Are we returning to the Wild West?  Gun violence is out of hand.  In the Wild West, at least judging by Westerns from my childhood, it was Good Guys vs. Bad Guys. Now many innocent bystanders are being shot. They are in the wrong place at the wrong time even if it is in their own rom … Read More

Trust Us? No Chance

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L.A. Watchdog –In an op-ed column Tax Land, Not Development last week in the Los Angeles Times, three professors at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs have proposed a “flat tax of $3 per day on every parcel in the city” to fund affordable housing in the city of Los Angeles. This “small land tax” would replace the proposed … Read More

Lesser Wesson Lesson

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Mr. Wesson

Like mainstream Democrats, Herbie Wesson prefers oratorical chaos to order. He was sailing along in his thank-you speech for being re-elected president of the Los Angeles City Council the other day when he suddenly decided to stick a sharp needle in his eye. In a lunging quest for attention from extremists in the midst of his welfare-laden agenda, he dropped … Read More

Ca-chang for Chiang?

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 Mr. Chiang

Hews Media Group-Community News has exclusively learned that John Chiang, current treasurer of California and a leading candidate for governor of California in 2018, was the headliner at a fundraiser on Monday June 26 at the Pico Rivera home of Steve Carmona. Mr. Carmona is the Los Angeles Planning Commissioner arrested in 2007 for several federal crimes, including mail fraud, … Read More

Now About This Pain

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Mike Hennessey

Dateline Dayton — A few week ago I had my semi-annual doctor visit.  He asked the normal questions. However, I asked about having another stress test. It had been some time since my previous one.  Occasional chest pain has become more prevalent.  Dr. Brad thought it might be a good idea. He said it will probably show nothing.  I told … Read More