After Screaming, Look at the Numbers

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Graphic: Associated Press

While liberals heatedly debate whether climate change or fossil fuels will erase all homo sapiens from the earth first, another favored crowd of Los Angeles extremists spawned this screaming headline: “Hate Crimes Surge in Los Angeles County in 2015.” Hide the women. Send the children to live with distant relatives. Is it safe to be outdoors after lunch? Has North … Read More

Latest Excuse for Not Voting

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Forget voting. Learn to tend sheep. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

While this morning’s novel Young Voter Motivation program at Culver City High School is commendable, liberals have a nasty habit of waving a social injustice feather in the noses of normal people – just to vex them. Eight percent of 18- to 24-year-olds voted last year in California – which correlates to the sky is blue and the ocean is … Read More

Dirty Dog Gets What He Deserves

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Mitt Romney

Pretend for a moment you are an editor at USA Today. You have two scandal-tinted stories, one about Brett McDonnell ( and one about Hillary Clinton’s newest apology for lying about her email server ( Your task: How do you play them on a page? Which piece will draw more attention when you strip it across the top of A-5? … Read More

Was I Wrong to Go?

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Photo: Wisegeek

I went to the Dodger game yesterday, 16 days after Diane’s death, with four of her former classmates. Was I wrong? Before answering, know that I carried guilt in each pants pocket and my wallet. Peter, who organized the group, first asked a little more than a month ago. I told him no. Between the state of Diane’s health and … Read More

These Guys Play with Fire

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Former altar boys believed on way to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich family picnic. Photo: Afn / EPA

Re: “Should Ex-Felons, Denied the Vote, Pay Taxes?”  The astute president of the Culver City Democratic Club raises a brace of stimulating issues we will attempt to address over the next several days. I cannot remember a public discussion of Sylvia Moore’s curious opening question: “Should people who have paid their debt to society still be taxed if they aren’t … Read More

Pope Global Climate Warming

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Photo : Jeon Han / Republic of Korea

Is there no surviving decorum among left-wing personalities, even among the putatively sedate? The popoff pontiff, His Peculiarness, Pope Francis (Hopefully) the Last, is traipsing about the world as if he is a high school boy rebounding from his first grownup booze party. He may or may not be religiously knowledgeable, much less religiously reliable. In the past year, the … Read More

Good Side, Bad Side of Pollard Story

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Jonathan Pollard. Photo: CNN

As a Jew, I am thrilled and ardently saddened that Jonathan Pollard is scheduled to be released in four months. Thirty years in prison for spying on behalf of Israel is 29½ years too long. Mr. Pollard is one of the two or three most unjustifiably imprisoned Americans of the last hundred years. His ginned-up crime is the equivalent of … Read More

Tell the Steinles, Not Me

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Ms. Steinle

When the subject first was broached, the proposed solution sounded undeniably reasonable. Liberals are history’s favorite guitarists. There they were again this morning, relentlessly, deafeningly strumming the strings of your heart, shamelessly pleading: “Aw, mister. Please, mister. Just say yes. To say no would be cruel. Have you no compassion?” The compelling headline on the weepy Daily Breeze editorial  read: “Don’t … Read More

Obama’s See-Through Skin

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The hottest tempered occupant of the White House since LBJ, President Obama has been guarded by the sycophantic media as if he were a sui generis desert sheik, which, coincidentally, is how the narcissist thinks of himself. A mirror always is within reach. Unlike even the bucolic LBJ, the arrogant Bozo Obama and the notion of class not only are … Read More

Is the Teacher Being Mistreated?

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Rebecca Friedrichs. Photo: Fox News

The Supreme Court this morning agreed to hear an even knottier problem than same-sex marriage. Can a public union force a non-member to pay dues/fees in a collective bargaining situation? An Orange County teacher, Rebecca Friedrichs, who objects to supporting the California Teachers Assn., brought the case. She says union members at her school are charged $1,000 in dues. Ms. … Read More