Dems Don Warpaint, Go on Warpath Against Squaw Sanchez

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At least Ms. Sanchez still is breathing. Photo: Patrick T. Fallon / The Times

While there are 105 million reasons Georgie Porgie Stephanopoulos will be taintedly retained by besmirched ABC – his contract – there also may be 105 million reasons U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez will lose her nascent race with Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris to succeed one of the U.S. Senate’s most odious shrimp cocktails, Barbie Boxer, who resembles a boxer more than … Read More

Hit ‘em Again, Billy, Harder, Harder

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Bill McKibben Photo: Julia Schmalz /Bloomberg via Getty

My late non-friend Al Einstein used to tell the boys down at the country philosophy store that doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result was a compact definition of insanity. If Al can be accepted as a reliable observer, Billy McKibben, the daffy evangelical environmental leader, should fly (or walk) to Baltimore. Passing himself off … Read More

Marilyn, My Marilyn, Where Have You Gone?

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The Nick and Marilyn Mosby family

Two salient points need to be made about Marilyn Mosby, the new chief prosecutor of Baltimore, who is as honest as the day is long – when an eclipse begins at midnight and endures until 11:59 p.m. Fueled by blinding swiftness and cement certitude, her raggedy-edged performance in announcing this morning that six cops will be charged with murder and … Read More

What the Boys of Baltimore Are Willfully Lacking

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Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images/AFP

Neither you nor I could have watched the marathon Baltimore zoological research of the last three days and remained untouched, possibly even unconverted. Race was no more relevant to the juvenile rioting than it was a factor 34 years ago at Mom’s funeral. Their copycat claims of being racially aggrieved would be worthy of serious ponder if one out of … Read More

Excuse Me, Sir. Are You Mr. Fracking?

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Photo: Artists Against Fracking

I am relieved that Pop’s surname was not Fracking. Had I inherited it, by now I would have needed to move in with my therapist. Given the tidal wave of scurrilous language that leftist Wishers use almost daily against fracking, my quaking mind would have required fulltime professional treatment. Speaking of quakes:, The lightweight left rides again. Hi ho, fracking, … Read More

Have a Warm or Cool (B)earth Day

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Happy Earth Day, but… In the spirit of reminding us exactly where we have been, remember that on the first Earth Day in 1970, global cooling was the rage. We weren’t yet sleeping in fur coats and galoshes to ward off the threatened Ice Age, but it was drawing inexorably closer. The earth would not be spared if urgent action … Read More

Turning Plastic Bags (Ban) Inside Out

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Mike Posey. Photo:

Mike Posey, in his fifth month as a Huntington Beach City Councilman, sounds like a Ted Cruz-type of politician — a singularly focused political newcomer who does not let history or opposition impede him.   Just as the issues of gays – 2 percent or less of the population – are obnoxiously overblown, so, too, I suspect is the nanny-state … Read More

Logo Lives Matter

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Photo: ingcarlos26 /

Re: “Introducing Centennial Committee”   How, I wonder, could the historically richest community on the Westside so dreadfully, so willfully miscalculate,   embarrass itself on the eve of its 100th birthday? Did we just surrender our Heart of Screenland creds to Burgerville, Iowa? This cannot be an accident. It must be a wildly inappropriate, mean-spirited prank. This is the quintessential red-faced humiliation … Read More

Too Many White Firemen

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Photo: City of Ferguson Fire Department

Clenched white fists dangling at their sides, scuffed Florsheims pointing in opposing directions, the nervous-sounding editorial board of the politically correct St. Louis Post-Dispatch came to a surprisingly sensible anti-liberal conclusion this morning: “The skin color of a firefighter doesn’t matter the way it does for a police officer.” This could get the boys tossed out of the Way Left … Read More

She Can Leave with a Winner’s Smile

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Meghan Sahli-Wells

As the most ardent partisan in City Hall, when Culver City’s putative honorary mayor, Meghan Sahli-Wells, leaves office this month she can look over her left shoulder with a sigh of impressively broad accomplishment. More, perhaps, than any of her predecessors in this century. Speaking as a minority, her progressive agenda stands in shining neon this afternoon, and that is … Read More