Sad Story with a Socko Ending, $285,000

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Crystal O'Connor

Insecure leaders of the national gay and lesbian community, their victim-centric wishes in tatters, resembled the sacked Confederate Army this afternoon when they limped toward the exits in Indiana. Gay bullies became humiliated losers after threatening yesterday to burn down a pizzeria – and kill the owners —  because one of them gave a politically incorrect answer to one of … Read More

Editor’s Essay: No Time to Admit Wrong

Ari L. NoonanEditor's Essays, OP-ED

Los Angeles Times Editor Davan Maharaj. Photo: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

When you are wrong, never  admit it. Dig in. Most opponents will wear down and wilt. Holding one hand over each ear, two more over each eye, the left-wing Los Angeles Times blushed and swallowed its pride this morning in its latest error-choked lead editorial. If fibs were roses, the Times could stock the Rose Parade until the 22nd century … Read More

Time for Liberals to Leap Through (Closed?) Windows

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Photo: Todd Wiseman

The Professional Lifetime Victim party, sometimes known by its nickname name, the Democrat party, wobbled and crashed a few times as they starred in several of the week’s funniest stories. And this is only Tuesday afternoon. Gender-obsessed Dems had to swallow burnt crow yesterday. Law enforcement in Charlottesville said they could not track a shtickle of evidence that a practicing … Read More

Dopey Leftist Idea Fails Fast

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Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. Photo: NBC News

Liberal racists lost a humbling round last week in their unending campaign to portray America as a racist country. Race-baiting leftist Howie (I Can Be Tasteless) Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, fell onto his proboscis over the weekend, bruising only his massive, ironclad ego. Perhaps the arrogant Schultzie pictured himself as Martin Luther Queen, white adjunct to Dr. King. Howie’s hamhanded … Read More

Editor’s Essay: How Dems Control Loyalty

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A page one headline yesterday told unsurprised readers that 78 percent of Hispanics in Los Angeles County, including illegal aliens, are struggling financially. Fewer blacks are employed today than when Barack Obama came to office six years ago. So many young blacks can’t get a job that they could form their own country — of substantial size. More Americans of … Read More

Help! Police! I Have Been Robb(i)ed

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Robin Abcarian. Photo: Los Angeles Times

Robin Abcarian’s life is jammed with ironies. Hired by the Los Angeles Times at the height of International Mental Health Week, her birthday (in odd-numbered years) falls during National Lack of Awareness Week. How odd, she remarked with a slow, baffled expression. As soon as she learned what  left-wing meant, “I are one,” she said, attempting to sound politically astute, … Read More

Playing Victim Is as Cleansing as Showering

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Holly Mitchell, State Senate 30th District

Writing about state Sen. Holly Mitchell (D-Culver City/Crenshaw District) is like studying the philosophy of the first philologist (1800-1850) in Rhode Island’s smallest community. A remote personality seldom seen. Obscure. Distant. Sen. Mitchell is a tourist who visits Culver City on the eve of almost every election to pay for her free return trip to Sacramento. Sen. Mitchell’s Culver City … Read More

Intentions Matter, Not Words

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An irresistible appeal of converting to liberalism is that words are of less value than President Obama’s character. They do not matter. Truth is a homeless tourist spasmodically meandering down vacant streets in liberal lives. In the liberal bible, right and wrong are absent. The only hymn the choir is allowed to sing, the primary value for all liberals is … Read More

Obama’s New Line in Sand Is 221 Christians

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From the international crossroads that is Beirut, it was reported last evening that Muslim terrorists have kidnapped 220 Assyrian Christians, an indigenous people, from 11 Syrian communities the past three days. Minutes later, President Obama issued a crisp communique from his bedroom in the White House: “Two hundred and twenty-one is my limit,” he said with impressive assertiveness. “Not a … Read More

Can Plastic Bags Rebound from a New Defeat?

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Photo: WikimediaCommons

On a day when Swish Obama nuzzled the ring of his main Democrat donor Tom Steyer, genuflected to his wishes and killed the Keystone XL Pipeline after approving the first 81 pipeline deals of his administration – On a day when the bulletproof, but obviously gutter-class Bobby McDonald, Secretary of the VA, pulled a Swishy, lying arrogantly, confidently to a … Read More