Cooper Warms up a Spell for State Bee

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Cooper Komatsu

By Deborah Komatsu.  Cooper Komatsu, Culver City Middle School seventh grader, will be participating in the state National Geographic Bee on Friday, March 27, in Fresno. He also participated last year. To get a spot at the state competition, Cooper had to win his school Geography Bee at CCMS and then qualify, based on a written test. Last year, only 100 … Read More

Grave Marker for Ruben

Steve GrandeLetters, OP-ED

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About three dozen of us attended Sunday’s graveside service for Ken Ruben, and I was pleasantly surprised at how many turned out. Many had very complimentary and appropriate words to say about Ken. His gravesite at Mt. Olive Cemetery, on Slauson Avenue in the City of Commerce, is on the right side of the cemetery where the markers are flat. … Read More

Everything for President, Nothing for Veterans

Jay HandalLetters, OP-ED

A mural in L.A.'s Skid Row. Photo: Stephen Zeigler /

I find it interesting that the motion by the Los Angeles Alliance of Neighborhood Councils called upon the City of Los Angeles, with all of its resources, to declare a state of emergency. The idea is to unify with the VA and open a large-scale Crisis Humanitarian Relief Project on the West L.A. Veterans land in order to immediately house and care … Read More

Ansman Wants His Side of Murder Story Told

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From Scott Ansman. [Editor’s Note: In May 2009, Mr. Ansman was convicted of killing pregnant Joanne Crystal Harris on Aug. 24, 2007, at the National Guard Armory, Culver City.  He was sentenced to life in prison.] I am writing to inquire whether you have made arrangements with the prison to come and interview me. From what I understand, you need to … Read More

A Black Man with a Name for Mayor Dear That Is Not Endearing

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By Basil Kimbrew. An open letter to Carson Mayor Jim Dear: After your appearance on Saturday at Cal State Dominguez Hills, where former Carson City Councilman Mike Gipson was installed as the newest member of the state Assembly, you owe an apology African Americans to Carson’s African American women.

At Culver High, This Is a Special Day for Volunteers

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By Jim B. Clarke. Today for the second year, we are holding a Non-Profit Volunteer Service Day at Culver City High School from 11 to 1. We have 25 non-profit organizations participating, five more than last year. The entire student body gets involved. Non-Profit Volunteer Service Day provides an opportunity for …

After Assault: ‘School District Handled Case Appropriately’

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By Jody Reichel. I’m responding to your coverage of events at Culver City High School in December 2013, that were reported to school officials and police in January 2014. Your report seems to be based on allegations made in a recent lawsuit brought against the Culver City Unified School District on behalf of a female former student. At a meeting on Friday, Jan. 22, with CCUSD leadership, Lt. Jason Simms of the Culver City Police Dept. said that …

Shocking Lack of Security, Oversight in School Parking Lot

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By Grahame Fraser. To Culver City High School administrators, superintendent, School Board and members of our City Council: I am a resident of Culver City, Braddock Drive. My backyard is up against the High School parking lot. This past week I was home from work playing with my kids in the backyard about mid-day and was disappointed that a group of students was having a small party around their car. Marijuana smoke was …