A Fight, Mark Twain-Style


          Pudd’nhead Bush adopts Pudd’nhead Wilson-speak, stating: "I picked a fight with my enemy and thrusting my nose firmly between his teeth,
I threw him to the ground heavily on top of me.  We rolled over and
over, some of the time he was on top, and the rest of the time I was
on the bottom, so I won the fight!"
          `—-Recalling an incident of Tom Sawyer’s friend Pudd’nhead Wilson.

Lower Site Best for Skateboarders


     Now that I have read yesterday’s totally-biased Culver City News “reporting” of a cheap political stunt by the Cooper/Corlin/Malsin Campaign, I am compelled to set some of the facts out – yet once again.   (As “reported” the recent Culver City News articles about the “Save the Grass.”)   
     In Culver City political terms, “Save the Grass” is the 2006 equivalent of the 2002 Restaurant Grades issue.
     As an advocate for the minority report by the Parks & Recreation Commission(members Anita Shapiro and Charles Deen), I would like to make some brief points about why the lower site is simply the best site for several reasons:
     The City Council subcommittee (Mayor Albert Vera and Councilmember Steve Rose) so concluded.

Make Mine Malsin, Too


       I am an enthusiastic supporter of Scott Malsin for City Council.
When I was President of the Culver City Democratic Club, he set up our website, and he supported the Club in all of its endeavors.
       Scott has the endorsement of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, most of Culver City’s past mayors, the Police Officers Assn., the Firefighters Assn., and the Chamber of Commerce.
       I have observed him in action at Planning Commission meetings and as an active fellow member of an environmental group, the Ballona Creek Renaissance. Scott has a mature head on his shoulders. He weighs all issues carefully. He comes to realistic positions after considering all of the facts and the possible consequences of his decision.
       Considering the above, it is obvious that Scott Malsin has Culver City’s best interest at heart. He will be an outstanding member of the City Council. I heartily endorsement.

An Endorsement for Malsin


     I have lived in Culver City for twenty-eight years, since I was one year old. I attended and graduated from La Ballona, Culver Middle and Culver City High Schools.
     I am writing because I wanted to acknowledge one of the candidates for City Council,  Scott Malsin, on his initiative to include students from Culver City High in the April 11 election for City Council. I was speaking with a friend who now teaches at CCHS. Both of us thought it was such a good idea to hold a presentation and get students involved —  earlier than we were — in the political process.
     There is no better way to understand how much the policies, rules and laws of a place affect a person than to be an informed voter and to support the candidate of one’s choice. 

     Mr. Malsin really seems to want to include everyone in his candidacy. I, for one, am going to vote for him. I want to thank him for considering the younger voter bloc. It can only produce benefits for everyone.
     I hope every eligible student (or graduate) voter, gets out and votes in the upcoming election.

Why She Opposes Measure V

Ari L. NoonanLetters

     Tom Camarella recently went to great lengths to dispel purported misconceptions regarding Measure V – the City Charter Reform Amendment. 
     However, Mr. Camarella neglected to address a situation that has occurred by placing the Charter amendment on the ballot as a single document.
     The majority of the people I know are joining me in voting against Measure V. They are doing so for the plain and simple fact that it allows for no disagreements. 
     There are several hot-button issues contained in the ballot measure that we feel should be voted on as separate items.

Where They Are Wrong


     In a recent article in the Culver City News, a group of residents raised four arguments against the new Charter Amendment that will be on the April ballot.  Although every member of the community needs to make up his/her own mind about Measure V, it would be helpful to do so based on accurate information. 
     Culver City’s Charter – our municipal constitution — was adopted in 1947, and it has not changed much in fifty-nine years. . In April’s election, we will have an opportunity to bring our local government into the twenty-first century. 
     Last year, the City Council created a ten-member committee to review the Charter and to propose changes.  Each member of the City Council picked two citizens with Culver City experience and/or expertise

Protesting Park Choice


     I was just heartbroken when I saw that the skateboard park will be built on possibly the greenest grass in all of Culver City (Upper Culver City Park).
The mental picture made me sick!
     Is it really a done deal??
     I am all for a skate park (since the money exists already through a grant)  although the existing one is empty.