2 More Quiet Nights

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Good news for Culver City residents, especially those bothered by after-dark air traffic.

Following last night’s shutdown, LAX will temporarily deviate from Over-Ocean Operations two more times this week – tonight and tomorrow night, from midnight to 6:30 a.m.

The reason: Closure of south outboard runway 25L/7R for runway maintenance.

The FAA normally transitions LAX air traffic flow to Over-Ocean Operations from midnight to 6:30, wherein aircraft arrive and depart over the ocean to minimize noise disturbance to the communities directly east of the airport.

During this traffic flow, the south runway complex is reserved for departures while the north runway complex is reserved for arrivals.

The closure of Runway 25L/7R limits the available runways from which Aircraft Design Group VI aircraft (A380 and B748) can depart at LAX.

It also requires these aircraft then to depart on Runway 24L/6R on the north complex, which would be in conflict with aircraft landing on same runway complex during Over-Ocean Operations.

Recently revised FAA policies impose stricter aircraft safety and separation requirements for this traffic flow configuration.

Essentially, it confines most departures on the south complex and most arrivals on the north complex.

Therefore, the FAA cannot safely and efficiently operate in Over-Ocean Operations during this runway closure and will need to deviate temporarily from this traffic flow and maintain air traffic in Westerly Operations during these three nights.

As a result, persons living near the airport may notice a change in aircraft flight activity and associated noise.

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