A Bite the Firing Party Did Not Anticipate

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On a day of delicious irony, an extraordinary moment played out the other evening on Los Angeles radio, which doesn’t attract sufficient attention in this town.

Nationally syndicated talk show host Larry Elder, the popular Sage from South Central, now heard evenings on 870-AM, called out the left-wing Democrat program director still lurking in the halls of KABC radio.

Mr. Elder starred for almost 25 years at KABC.

However, the Democrat p.d. fired Mr. Elder, he said, for bringing up messy stuff:

  • That rapist Bill Clinton is a rapist,
  • That the credible accuser Juanita Broaddrick was threatened by sleazy Hillary,
  • That there is a choir of credible accusers,
  • That so much is oily about Billy and Hilly.

“Irrelevant!” barked Mr. Creep.

“Relevant,” countered Mr. Elder, “because Hillary is running for president.”

“If any of this happened,” said Mr. Creep, “it was a long time ago.

“Nobody cares! You are the only person who keeps bringing this up.”

“It is irrelevant!

“I never have banned a topic, but I may have to this time.”

Last week The Creep was bitten where he sits.

Leeann Tweeden, KABC news anchor, charged the most buffoonish Democrat senator with assaulting her in 2006.

By the Democrat p.d.’s standards, this should have been too long ago to matter.

Except the buffoon assaulted a member of his own family.

He had no choice but surrender to common sense and to organize a press conference.

You can imagine Mr. Democrat doing his best Tim Conway imitation as he sloshed through the ordeal.

The p.d. has not yet faulted Ms. Tweeden for being on the wrong end of the buffoon’s creeping fingers.

One Comment on ““A Bite the Firing Party Did Not Anticipate”

  1. Anonymous

    A prime example of human failings occurring in all factions of society . From the president on down to the plumber … and by the way in both sexes male And female.

    Comment from past sexual assault nurse examiner.

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