What About a Cannabis Business Tax?

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Mr. Eriksson

The City Council will shine a flashlight on a proposed tax for new-fangled cannabis businesses at this evening’s 7 o’clock meeting in Council Chambers.

The slightly divided Council members will vote on whether to send this scheme to voters.

“Yes” is the presumed outcome.

“Absolutely” there should be a tax, says Councilman Goran Eriksson.

The only voter against permitting retail cannabis businesses to operate in Culver City was speaking from Chicago where he was attending the largest water convention in North America.

“The cannabis business should be taxed,” Mr. Eriksson.

Given that 65 percent of Culver City residents joined statewide voters in approving legalization of marijuana, what does that portend for a Culver City tax vote?

“I have no idea, but…,” said Mr. Eriksson.

He turned to a crucial distinction, which has received light attention so far as the debate over retail cannabis enterprises hin Culver City heats up.

“We only know that 65 percent of Culver City voters wanted to legalize marijuana,” Mr. Eriksson said.

“What we do not know — yet — is how many residents want to allow cannabis businesses in Culver City.”

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