Daniel Lee – Like Discovering Gold

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Mr. Lee

Re “Daniel Lee Joins Race for City Council

Best hometown news to break in the last week is that Daniel Lee is running for City Council in the April election.

You don’t have to know who Mr. Lee is to appreciate his decision.

If you care a whit about how Culver City is run, you should hear Mr. Lee, not merely read about him.

He is a joy to sensitive ears.

In our town, he is the quintessential orator.

Mr. Lee is to eloquence what Lincoln is to the Gettysburg Address.

For well-tuned ears, hearing him speak – even as an audience member at Council meetings when the young social activist steps to the podium.

Politically, Mr. Lee and I do not agree on much beyond today being Tuesday.

As irrelevant as the fact you did not pen Shakespeare’s final story.

When the gentlemen begin campaigning in earnest, and in Culver City, treat yourself and your spouse to a program you will remember.

This is much too early to evaluate contenders, especially since only Albert Vera and Mr. Lee have raised their hands.

I don’t remember having caught a Mr. Vera speech. He may be a worthy oratorical rival.

Until then, however, the silver tongued eloquence of Mr. Lee will reign as No. 1 in Culver City.

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