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Dr. Kelly Kent and husband Hector Marin with son Bruce and daughter Audrey

First in a series. 

It is rare for an academic doctor to contend for the School Board, and even more uncommon for an education intellectual/theorist to pursue a seat, two compelling reasons to become acquainted with Prof. Kelly Kent, Ph.D for the Nov. 3 election.

Upon first meeting yesterday in her near-Downtown family home, Dr. Kent, mother of two, wife of one, was as pleasantly congenial and accessible as the welcome breeze wafting through the open windows.

The breeze wasn’t the only element that was fresh as Dr. Kent invoked matters that are strangers on campaign trails.

An election wasn’t even going to be necessary until Dr. Kent became the third candidate for two open seats two days before the (extended) registration deadline.

She holds strong but smoothly presented views, sometimes on  topics that seldom arise in School Board campaigns..

Who is Kelly Kent?

“I am a neuroscientist,” she says, “so I know a lot about how we learn, which makes me very relevant for this position.

“And I really want to represent voices that are not currently represented in the District – Lin Howe (Elementary), in particular,” the third-grade home of her daughter, big sister to a pre-schooler. “I feel there is a homogeneity in the voices that are on the School Board currently. I would like to diversify it.

“I don’t think I only can speak for Lin Howe. I hope I can speak for the less heard voices as well, La Ballona and El Rincon.”

What component from those three schools is missing on the School Board?

“Points that I want to bring to the Board include infrastructure discussions, of course, because those are primary, instruction and mindsets.

“‘Instruction’ means: Are teachers able to differentiate in their classrooms? What does teacher to student ratio look like?”

(To be continued)

5 Comments on “Meet a Different Breed of Candidate”

  1. Donna Kelly Kent

    She brings such fresh blood and diversification to the board. How silly it would be to not have her on the board. As she said she knows a great deal about how our brains learn. And I should know. I’m her mom. Go Kelly!

  2. Linda Rosenberg

    Knowing Kelly on a personal level and working with her professionally, I am thrilled that she is running for School Board. Her background, expertise and passion will be a tremendous asset to Culver City schools!

  3. M Lopez

    There’s diversity on the board currently, from La Ballona, Farragut, El Marino, CCMS and CCHS, plus a retired High School teacher. Eventually students from the elementary schools come together at the middle and high schools. I hope that no matter who gets elected, the board continues (as the current board does) to champion students from all Culver City schools, which includes Culver Park High School.

  4. Gary Abrams

    I know the School Board very well. Remembering the board when it was high jacked by the Lawyers (as in attorney fees) and all their dumb decisions. Paspalis last of the gang. Now a new gang has taken over PACman. They claim to represent all, but mostly EM. Remember when I pointed out back in 2009 that with all that supposed brain power (smart kids usually have smart parent) which proved to be false in this case that they would have figured out that all that smog from the 405 would be hazardous to the youngsters health. Now it is in the forefront of topics with no real solution in site. Waiting on that construction cash $125 million. Then the Super PAC took over with the Rocket scientist leading the way. I wasn’t expecting much from them either (I remember history) Asked him to figure out how to save the Natatorium since he was able to send rockets to the moon (they claim) sure they had a budget (unlimited) similar to Culver City. They just tax the Hell out of its citizens when ever they get the urge to fund a project for some private enterprise with limited benefit to the general public As I have stated before even the so called educated people in Culver City are no match for the Zombie citizens. George L. where are you?

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