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Now there is a happy young student. Photo: CCUSD Office of Child Development

The Moms Club of Culver City East recently made a donation of $500 cash and a slew of age-appropriate toys to the School District’s Office of Child Development.

“We are lucky to have the support of so many people in the Culver City community,” said Claudia Arreola, director of the Office of Child Development. “These toys will make the children we serve very happy.

“As moms themselves, and I know that as moms themselves, the members of the Moms Club know how important it is to engage young minds.”

The Office of Child Development offers the highest level of safety and educational learning environments for children from preschool to fifth grade.

Unlike other learning centers, the Office of Child Development is staffed by credentialed educators who use a multitude of instructional strategies to respond to students’ diverse needs.

These educators know that having fun can be one of the best educational tools.

So they strive to create learning opportunities that are enjoyable and informative.

Families say that what sets OCD apart is the ability to offer parents a learning environment for their child staffed by teachers with credentials from the Child Development division of the state Dept. of Education.

The credential not only authorizes the teaching of young children, but ensures excellent support services during this critical stage in a child’s life.

Accompanied by aides, the experienced educators are skilled in the art of engaging and facilitating students with varied learning styles.

All educators are required to participate in a continuous program of professional and academic advancement, including, but not limited to, in-services, college courses, and active involvement in state and national organizations.

In addition, the Office of Child Development offers:

  • Competitive prices (including care provided on a sliding scale)
  • Classroom facilities on each elementary school campus
  • Top scores on Coordinated Compliance Review of Safety and Programming.

For information, call 310.842.4230 or see

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