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Mr. Scott

Former City Manager Mark Scott says he wants to retire, but he just can’t.

Work is too enticing.

He has just accepted a new position – but more about that in a moment.

The 67-year-old Mr. Scott, who served in Culver City from the spring of 2009 to the spring of 2010, recently finished a temporary stint in San Berardino.

Speaking of his accomplishment, he said of the city, he said:

“I finished my work in San Bernardino.  We exited bankruptcy and got back to being merely poor.”

Another issue: “The 130-mile per day drive wore me out,” Mr. Scott said.

Instead of going to the sidelines, the Fresno native is moving on to Indio as

interim city manager.

“Just can’t make myself retire,” Mr. Scott said.

He reports that his 91-year-old mother in Fresno “is doing great.”

Mr. Scott came to Culver City from Spartanburg, SC, after an earlier stint as city manager in Beverly Hills.

Since leaving Culver City, he held posts in Fresno and Burbank before moving on to San Bernardino.

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