Oh, Shoot, This Cannot Go on

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Dateline Dayton – Earlier I told you about a wrong-way driver killed on Interstate 75, when he hit a tanker truck, causing a major explosion and fire that closed the roadway for days.

An autopsy showed alcohol and drugs in his system. 

Doesn’t surprise me.

Many drive drunk and the drug situation will probably get worse, when the marijuana growing operations get started here in Ohio.

Told you  awhile ago about a young man murdered in a local Walmart store.  He had a gun that turned out to be a toy. He refused to put it down when ordered to by the police.

A lot of rhetoric  and many investigations surrounding the case.

The federal government investigation determined the shooting was justifiable.  Good for them, Until we can re-learn respect for authority, there will be more killings of this type.

Hopefully, people will wake up to the fact law enforcement has authority over us to protect us from one another.

Last weekend there was a shooting at a gender-reveal party in a Cincinnati suburb.

Nine people. Three children. One person died at the scene.  A woman who was shot in the leg, has claimed her unborn baby has died.

When I heard about this,  I wondered, what is a gender-reveal party? 

I pictured people running around naked to prove their gender.

Later I learned that it was to identify the gender of an unborn child. 

Why was a party of this nature, with young children attending, still going 30 minutes before midnight?

It sounded fishy.   

Was someone attending the party who shouldn’t have been there?  Not much information is being released, which raises questions. 

No one is talking.

A sheriff in a nearby county will not allow his deputies to administer Narcan. It endangers his officers, he says.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.

There should be a limit as to the number of times it is used on a person.

One local man has been revived 20 times. 

If there is a system, it has failed.

Twice is once too many. 

We must insist on treatment and education. 

One school system even has Narcan on hand. 

What kind of message does that send to the children?

Drugs are destroying our society and behind many of our shootings.

Mr. Hennessey may be contacted at pmhenn@sbcglobal.net

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