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“A Progressive California,” a SuperPAC aimed at backing progressive candidates for office, announced its launch yesterday by releasing a digital video ad in support of state Senate president pro- tem Kevin de León’s campaign for the U.S. Senate.

To view the ad, titled, “We Need Kevin,”click here.

“We Need Kevin,” the digital video ad, begins with footage of President Trump’s America, from the Charlottesville torch-infused rally to the commander-in-chief tossing out paper towels to the people of Puerto Rico, to the president’s efforts of pulling out of the Paris Climate change.

Thereafter, it notes that Washington’s status quo has failed to sufficiently fight back against Mr. Trump. It transitions into footage featuring Mr. de León.

The ad highlights his efforts to champion California’s resistance against the White House’s agenda, while advancing progressive causes.

The script of the ad reads:

This isn’t normal

Neither is this

Or this.

Or this.

These aren’t California’s values — or America’s.

It’s clear that Washington’s status quo has failed. We need bold leaders who will stand up and say enough is enough!

Kevin de León has led the resistance against Donald Trump in California, showing we can lead the nation on climate change, better jobs, universal healthcare and immigrant rights.

We need a fearless leader to stand up for our values in the U.S. Senate. We need Kevin de León.

A progressive California is responsible for the content of this advertising.

The mission of “A Progressive California,” is to help elect Democrats who support pro-working families, pro-tough environmental protections, pro-healthcare for all, pro-women’s rights, pro-immigrant rights, pro-gun safety laws, pro-equal rights agenda and who will prioritize social and economic justice causes in Washington.

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