Is There a Trace(y) of Truth in ‘Reporter’ Wilkinson?

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Ms. Wilkinson

Tracy Wilkinson of the Los Angeles Times has less tolerance for Jews than she does twin disease-bearing beetles inching up both arms.

A zealously undisciplined arch-leftist, Ms. Wilkinson is as subtle as a belching cannon.

Formerly head of the Times’s Jerusalem bureau, a ludicrous matchup, she showers every report on Israel with her vile hatred of Jews, carefully shading truths.

Furious over President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital a month ago, she wrote a distorted, typically rambling, news-free story yesterday for page 3.

Actually it was an op-ed, a new edition of Tracy’s Tantrums.

The rant resembled a cat’s litterbox. Afterward.

Her main Tantrum points:

  • President Trump’s declaration has “driven Palestinians to publicly abandon cooperation with Washington.” Question: Does anyone remember the most recent century when Palestinians co-operated?
  • The Trump declaration “could spell the death of the two-state solution.” Comment: Since the Palestinians have rejected every solution for 70 straight years, the president’s call obviously is less influential than a muted hiccup.
  • The Israeli Knesset recently passed a law that “would make it harder for future Israeli governments to cede any part of Jerusalem to the Palestinians, who claim part of it as their capital.” Comment: That is the idea, Baby. I claim a yacht in Newort Harbor. That does not make it mine. Would you divide Culver City into one piece for Inglewooders, one for Santa Monicans, another for Long Beachers?
  • S. Ambassador David Friedman has urged the U.S. State Dept. to stop describing certain parts of Israel as “occupied.” Comment: Since this section of California formerly was ruled by non-Americans, should Culver City be characterized as “occupied territory”? Why not?

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