Transportation Tunnel Proposed

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A private business, The Boring Company, has proposed a human transportation tunnel that would run underneath the Westside.

The proposed route spans from Hawthorne to West L.A., including underneath Sepulveda Boulevard through Culver City.

Information, including a map of the proposed alignment, is available in the Frequently Asked Questions section of The Boring Company’s website.

The Boring Company will give a presentation in a month, at the Monday, Jan. 22, City Council meeting at 7 o’clock.

At this time City Hall has not approved any project. Nor has the city received an application for any permits or approvals from The Boring Company. The city is seeking public input on the proposal.

Post comments on the city’s webpage about this topic.

For questions, contact Mr. Mays, assistant to the city manager, at 310.253.6000 or

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