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Ms. Gonez

The most important election this year will take place on Tuesday when Los Angeles voters elect two members of the LAUSD School Board.

It is critical that Nick Melvoin from District 4 and Kelly Gonez from District 6 prevail.

Two-thirds of LAUSD students don’t meet math or English standards.

More than half of our graduates don’t qualify for Cal State or U.C. schools.

It is imperative that we elect new leadership to fix this travesty. I urge you to fill out your ballot for Mr. Melvoin in District 4, or Ms. Gonez if you live in District 6.

The Los Angeles Times has emphatically endorsed both Nick and Kelly as “independent-thinking candidates who put students’ education first and employ sharp analytical skills and common sense in making decisions.”

They further criticized Steve Zimmer, the leader of the School Board (Mr. Melvoin’s opponent) for refusing to confront the financial troubles of the district and instead, blaming charter schools “instead of looking in the mirror.”

As the LA Times put it succinctly in an  editorial last week, “this isn’t leadership and it’s why…the Board needs a change.”

If you live in either District 4 (the Westside) or 6 (San Fernando Valley) vote for Mr. Melvoin or Ms. Gonez.


Mr. Bloomfield, a former Republican candidate for Congress and a political consultant, may be contacted at

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