A Food Fight with Yourself

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A young Korean girl, an emotional overeater for the past 20 years, called for an appointment.

Would hypnosis help?

I have had much success with overeaters.

Would there be a noticeable benefit after her first session?

Could she be cured in one try?

If she follows my suggestions quickly, I could promise a good hypnotic experience, ultimately with good results.

Her impression that a hypnotist could fix her immediately was amazing.

After shouldering a burden for years, I am to cure in one session.

This would be possible with a deep level hypnotic candidate, a somnambulist. One in five people is a somnambulist. Those are the people who volunteer at stage shows. They respond swiftly to hypnosis.

Most people require more than one session, especially if they have had a problem for years, often originating in childhood.

By age 13, behaviors are set. It will take time to gain the behaviors you want. If you go to a psychiatrist or psychologist, expect problem solving to take up to 600 sessions. Hypnosis can resolve the identical matter in six to 10 sessions.


With a psychiatrist or psychologist you are talking with them on a conscious- mind-to-conscious-mind basis. With a hypnotist, he/she talks to your subconscious. Understand that of the brain power we have available, we only use 5 percent. Of that 5 percent, our conscious mind is only 10 percent, our subconscious 90 percent. It becomes clear that to create change, it needs to be within the subconscious where everything about us is stored. Everything we have seen, done, touched, smelled, tasted is there.

It is the subconscious that you have trained through your life that gives you the behaviors you possess. If you don’t like facets of yourself, the place to change it is within your subconscious.

Hypnosis is effective because it directly addresses the subconscious. Hypnosis is a form of hyper concentration.

My overeating client, while not cured at the outset, noticed immediate change in her thinking and actions.

Unfortunately, change faded within four days.

At her second session, changes began to last longer. After each week she gained increasing relief until she no longer needed to see me. It only took five sessions within seven weeks.

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