About Time to Recognize One Man’s Talents

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Mr. Ebsen

My passion of this week has to be Donald Trump.

I am mesmerized by his news conferences. I resonate with this man’s sensitivity and honesty. He shows his personal feelings, his unique humor, and his willingness to address the issues and questions to the best of his ability without giving our adversaries timetables of what he will be doing.

When Trump said yesterday it’s the tone of the press that is so hateful, I said to myself, “Right on.”

Two weeks ago, I did something I never thought I would do. After all, I only subscribed to Direct TV because I can record four news shows at the same time. Well, I stopped watching the network news two weeks ago, and I removed those shows from my list of shows to record.

The hateful tone of most of the reporters on the major networks is not only evident in their voices, but also on their faces.

I believe that the major networks and their reporters had such a cozy, sycophantic relationship with Barack Obama and his administration that they cannot countenance the ire of anyone who disparages them in any way.

They cannot recognize that most of the country wants big changes.  Changes that include being patriotic, being honest, being sensitive to the needs of all.  Most of all, the country wants things to get done.  Good riddance to business-as-usual.

I feel as though the left is sincerely worried, though they don’t admit it, or possibly don’t even recognize it.

What are they worried about?

IMHO, they are worried that many people, including vast numbers of minorities, will switch their allegiances from the liberal left to the conservative right.

How will that happen?

It will happen when Trump actually does good things for the country like reducing crime, creating many more well-paying jobs, improving trade balances, and making the world safer.

At the lunch table this afternoon I blew my cover as a conservative when the talk turned to hate-Trump speech.  When I expressed my above opinions, and after I said that Trump’s personal characteristics take a back seat to his platform, I heard silence.  Good.  Maybe people will stop to reconsider this man’s great talents.

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One Comment on ““About Time to Recognize One Man’s Talents”

  1. Patrick Meighan

    “I resonate with this man’s sensitivity and honesty.”

    If by “this man” you mean Donald Trump, I’m not sure I’ve ever read a crazier single sentence in my entire life, ever. I genuinely– I’m not even joking– had to read the above sequence of words about 8 different times, just to make sure that my eyes were processing them correctly.

    But okay.

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