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Scene from ‘The Emoji Movie’

Animation Libation Studios and Animation magazine will present

the World Animation Celebration

international animated short film festival this weekend.

Hosted by Sony Pictures Animation,  the Saturday and Sunday programs run from 11 until 7 in the Sony Animation studio lot in Culver City.

The festival will showcase 150

animated shorts from 40 countries as

well as industry panels, guest speakers,

colleges, portfolio reviews, recruiters, guest artist demos and more.

Among the programs planned for the weekend are:

The West Coast festival premiere of

Dear Basketball, written and executive

produced by former Laker Kobe Bryant, and directed by animation icon

Glen Keane. A panel discussion about the making of the film will follow,

featuring director/animator Glen Keane, producer Gennie Rim (Duet) and

production designer Max Kean.


Industry panels include:

Fox-TV’s American Dad. Supervising director Brent Woods, directors Valerie Fletcher, Jennifer Graves and Rodney Clouden, color supervisor Mickey Rose and producer Kara Valow.

Nickelodeon’s The Loud House. With creator/executive producer Chris

Savino, art director Amanda Rynda, storyboard artist Jordan Koch, and writer

Kevin Sullivan and production manager

Sean Gantka.

Classic Disney Animators. With

Mike Cedeno, Kathleen Quaife, Nik Ranieri, Bruce Smith, Jane Baer, Marlon West.

Sony Pictures Animation’s

The Emoji Movie. Explore the secret world inside your smartphone with the artists from Sony Pictures Animation’s

The Emoji Movie, in theatres now and on Digital HD, Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K Ultra

HD in October. Speakers include visual development artists Joey Chou,

Yuhki Demers, Aurora Jimenez, Lizzie Nichols, and Ernie Rinard in a panel

moderated by production designer Carlos Zaragoza.


For more information, contact festival director Michael Bonitatis at

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