Barack and Johnny’s Sneaky Closing Act

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Mr. Obama

Those prolonged sirens you have been hearing this week were rushing to President Trump to check his accelerated heartbeat because of his blazing workpace.

Toiling tirelessly, as promised, Mr. Trump has performed more work in three days than His Predecessor did in his final months.

His Predecessor, gifted with an invisible work ethic, preferred slipperiness to labor.

You are not likely to read the bloody details of the following typical Obama-type story on the front pages in Los Angeles or New York in the near term.

Mr. Obama, America’s best-known bald-faced Jew hater, and his Secretary of State Johnny (I Lie for a Living) Kerry, more subtle about his detestation of Jews, shoved a final shiv into the back of Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu last week – mere minutes before crawling out of the White House on their well-polished knees.

As Washington was bracing to welcome a real president after eight years of left-wing mush, Barack and Johnny teamed to secretly send $221 million to the Palestinian terrorists. Congress twice had blocked the funding over Palestinian, umm, behavior.

Just before time ran on out Barack’s barnyard stunts, the funding was released. Congress learned of it as Mr. Trump was preparing to be inaugurated.

The funding was not available earlier because two Republicans, Ed Royce of Orange County and Kay Granger of Texas, put a hold on the $221 million after the Palestinian “government” broke diplomatic pledges. Revive me after the shock fades.

Funding holds, we learn, almost always are obeyed.

This hold, however, was not legally binding.

Barack and Johnny knew that.

Removing their patent leathers, Barack and Johnny dropped to their knees, snake-crawled to the vault, unleashed the $221 million, and carrier pigeoned it to terrorist headquarters.

To quote a source: The pair “chose to move surreptitiously, saving official notification for a time when members of Congress would be preoccupied with the inauguration.”

With that, they asked aides to put their shoes back on, and they walked away as if nothing had happened.

Mentally, that was true for eight years. Double good riddance.

2 Comments on “Barack and Johnny’s Sneaky Closing Act”

  1. Patrick Meighan

    “Toiling tirelessly, as promised, Mr. Trump has performed more work in three days than His Predecessor did in his final months.”

    Obama final approval rating: 59%
    Trump current approval rating: 45%

    Mr. Trump, America apparently wants you to be more like Barack Obama and less like, um, you.

    1. Patrick Meighan

      “Obama final approval rating: 59%
      Trump current approval rating: 45%”

      Recent correction to the above: Trump’s approval rating (per Gallup) has dropped 8 points in the past week alone. His approval rating is now (as of current writing) at just 36%.

      In light of the fact that Mr. Trump received just 13% of the Culver City vote back on election day, he’s probably now down to a single-digit approval rating here in our hometown.

      What a dumpster fire.

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