Breathing Room, Boys – Give Him a Chance

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Robert Ebsen
Robert Ebsen

I can’t tell you how difficult it is for me to watch the major news networks and some cable news shows.

A little bell goes off in my brain at every nuanced sly remark and facial wince or grimace, and at every criticism of our new president.

On the other side of the coin, how happy I am now to be able to watch, on YouTube, the last White House press briefing.

Sean Spicer takes questions, and he answers them to the best of his ability. He is respectful of the press. It looks as if they are  beginning to be more respectful of him.

Mr. Spicer said it best, and I paraphrase him:

“There’s a constant frustration when you turn on the television over and over again and get told – there’s this narrative – it’s not big enough, it’s not good enough, and you can’t win. When we’re right, say were right. When we’re wrong, say we’re wrong. Don’t always be negative, though.”

Yes, we are a divided country. But Donald Trump won the election. He needs a chance to try to make decisions that will help everybody.

Help everybody to improve his or her life.

That includes going off welfare and on to workfare.

It includes keeping our neighborhoods safe, especially in the inner cities.

Can you imagine being a parent in the inner city and worrying that if your child goes outside, he or she might be killed in a drive-by shooting?

I’m usually not political.

But tonight I sit here reflecting on what passion of the week to write for this essay. I consider these subjects my passions:

  • That we all get along.
  • That we try to understand each other and be polite to each other.
  • That we realize people like me, and maybe you, have it good. We are lucky. We don’t live in the inner city where our children’s lives and our lives are threatened with bodily harm, where we don’t know where our rent money will come from.

Let’s give President Trump a chance.

How about 100 days?

There are solutions to the things that divide us. For example, the woman who fights for the right to decide on how to use her own body, and elects to abort a child, might consider going through the birth process and then letting that child have a life with a family who will love him or her.

Yeah, it’s not easy. But now the Republicans are in control. So let’s see what they can do to bring us together and make our lives better and safer.

Maybe you’ll even like a lot of what you see.

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One Comment on ““Breathing Room, Boys – Give Him a Chance”

  1. Lori Escalera

    Mr. Ebsen,
    I am sorry you didn’t watch Sean Spicer’s first day. Which is the real Sean Spicer?
    He lied. I don’t approve of lies nor “alternate facts.” We depend on facts to guide us as a nation. We should not be divided by “alternate facts.” It just means we have divided our nation to the point of no repair.

    Also, you are correct, I will agree we have it good compared to some. And I will agree that we should reach across and understand each other better.
    I gave DT a chance. Each day I get up and give him yet one MORE chance. Every evening I am disappointed in his self preoccupied narcissistic position and his lack of decorum. He is not MY leader. He never could be. He is a 70 year old person that refuses to adapt to the decorum to be the legitimate commander and chief. He is ruining our peace. He is ruining our trade. He is devise to the religious and ethnic peace within our country.

    On women’s rights to control their bodies: Some of us are unfortunately found in positions that dictate terminations to unwanted pregnancies. There is no baby. You flush gazillions of sperms away through your lifetime. You seem to neglect that those are all “potential babies” with rights to life. Why is it that a chance sperm meeting an egg and evolving into multiple cells requires more thought than you ridding yourself of unwanted sperms? You eat flesh meat, no? You’ve determined that it is okay to murder animals to eat. Why don’t you save alive, living animals who have emotions and are mothers and progeny? It is okay to murder animals to satisfy your urges, right? My point is that you are not looking at the hypocrisy of early abortions or necessary abortions. In addition, women need to have ACCESS to low cost abortions and women’s health services. Closing health centers that privately funded abortions will now lead to UNWANTED children being born and women not having the other cancer screening, birth control and domestic abuse services they may need.

    DT got his chance. But now that he is angering our good trade partners like China, Mexico, Canada and more, he is weakening the USA in many ways. It will be harder to travel to foreign countries and not be a target like we were under President GWB. It will be harder for Americans to buy things because trading will require tariffs.
    And what about his chance to submit his tax returns?
    That chance to divest his assets so he is not in a conflict of interest beholden to foreign countries? He lied and did not do what he committed to doing. Its all a con. Don’t you see that? If not you should watch a variety of news – both here and abroad.
    Immigrants? He REFUSED to provide amnesty. Tell me how does 3 generations brought here to pick our fields as children – who grew up here and are now grandparents… where are they supposed to go? They work 5 – 7 days a week so you have cheap food and they have no retirement. They can’t vote, they pay and buy things into our system to make our business owners wealthy and Trump is turning his back on them entirely. Calling them rapists and drug dealers. And still ignoring their plight.

    And finally – THE WALL. such an unnecessary $20 Billion. It won’t work. Its not necessary. People come via planes and Canada. The wall will stop a few but at what cost? Probably my social security that I have paid into for 45 – 50 years. It will be broke the way he is not managing my money.

    No, I stopped giving him chances a few months ago after he appointed Stephen Bannon Chief Strategist. A man who told the press yesterday to “shut their mouths and listen.” It is time to activate to be sure there are changes afoot. Please join ME in understanding that his actions are working against the best interests of unification and fixing corruption in this country as he throws many in this country away.

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