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Mike Hennessey

Dateline Dayton — Are we returning to the Wild West?  Gun violence is out of hand.  In the Wild West, at least judging by Westerns from my childhood, it was Good Guys vs. Bad Guys.

Now many innocent bystanders are being shot. They are in the wrong place at the wrong time even if it is in their own rom in their own home.

Guns don’t kill. People kill.

However, guns must be eliminated from the hands of persons who don’t respect the power of guns or do not have the mental capacity to own one. 

Guns do not solve problems. They create bigger ones. 

Unfortunately, I do not have an answer.

I can say the present program is not working. 

Guns are too readily available. 

Gun dealing should be limited to reputable dealers. 

Purchase your guns from a dealer, and when you are ready to sell, see a dealer. 

Criminals always will have guns, having made their purchases from private parties.

going to have guns and they will be buying and selling guns from individuals, this is a given.  But if we could save one life, a dealer program would be worth the inconvenience.

Now to the drug problem, which I believe is a major cause of gun violence. 

In the Dayton area, we have had three cases of infants overdosing on drugs, either because they were given drugs, or were exposed to them. 

A police officer overdosed after a traffic stop, due to the powder being in the car. 

Drugs are as out of control as guns.   

How many times should a person be revived? 

It appears policies have been made too easy for users.  This will expensive to resolve, but action must be taken. 

Another hot button:

What people wear to church, especially girls and women. 

Short shorts are not proper attire. 

Neither are low-cut dresses and exposed tops.

Guys should not walk into church looking as if they just came from the beach.  Perhaps I should be thankful these people come to church.

I wonder if Our Lord held an open house at a fancy hotel, how would these people dress? 

I doubt they would wearing the outfits I have seen in we church. 

Another situation where I do have a solution,

Can you believe it is August?  Wasn’t New Year’s a few days ago?

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