After Screaming, Look at the Numbers

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Graphic: Associated Press

While liberals heatedly debate whether climate change or fossil fuels will erase all homo sapiens from the earth first, another favored crowd of Los Angeles extremists spawned this screaming headline:

“Hate Crimes Surge in Los Angeles County in 2015.”

Hide the women.

Send the children to live with distant relatives.

Is it safe to be outdoors after lunch?

Has North Korea transferred to Los Angeles?

“Hate crimes against African-Americans, Latinos, Jews and transgender women rose sharply across Los Angeles County in 2015, especially around downtown and the West Side,” read one account.


Is Desperate Hillary already president?

You have to love these peoples’ politically correct language:

Borrowing a catchy phrase brilliantly conceived by liberals, the County Commission on Human Relations reported that “hate crimes” increased by 24 percent. (Are some crimes designed to expand love in the world?)

The executive director of the Commission, expensively trained, shrewdly judged that “twenty-four percent is a big jump.” This assures her of work for another year.

Obviously, Los Angeles represents a threat to black people as the Old South was in the days when Democrats spawned the Ku Klux Klan.

The County Commission reported that 58 percent of the “hate crimes” were perpetrated against blacks.

“Crimes motivated by religion climbed by 38 percent, with a significant spike in anti-Muslim incidents,” said the account we saw.

Before calling my favorite developer to build a secret basement to hide my loved ones, I checked the numbers.

There were 458 “hate crimes” last year in a county of 10 million.

According to my friend the Math Maven, that breaks to one “hate crime” committed out of every 22,000 Angelenos. Wow.

To say it differently, it means that in a small town of 22,000, but one chap committed a “hate crime.” Sounds commendable to a normal person.

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