Dems Don Warpaint, Go on Warpath Against Squaw Sanchez

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At least Ms. Sanchez still is breathing. Photo: Patrick T. Fallon / The Times

While there are 105 million reasons Georgie Porgie Stephanopoulos will be taintedly retained by besmirched ABC – his contract – there also may be 105 million reasons U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez will lose her nascent race with Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris to succeed one of the U.S. Senate’s most odious shrimp cocktails, Barbie Boxer, who resembles a boxer more than a Barbie.

To say it more succinctly, in theological terms that will confuse the liberal mind:

Georgie Porgie, child-sized and child-like, committed a double-decker neon sin, and Ms. Sanchez is charged with The Crime.

Known for her unorthodox behavior, last Saturday in Anaheim she pretended to be calling on a voter from India.

Supposedly mistaking him for an American Redskin, she let out a war whoop — by planned mistake. All around her chuckled.

Only the 99 percent of stone-faced California Democrat decision-makers, whose first commandment is political correctness, were horrified. She insulted American Redskins, they instantly concluded, not to mention the Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, Michael Savage and his namesake David Savage of the Los Angeles Times.

Faster than a Democrat can flush a toilet or count to one, word went out from on high:

The updated party line is that Ms. Sanchez is to be treated like a Republican for having potentially offended the touchy Dems’ least important minority.

A classic, upside down liberal, loose-marbles scenario.

This is why America’s lowest-wattage voters identify with the dumbed-down Democrat party.

If you open a door for a Democrat, he twirls like a ballerina and walks in backward.

Hand him corn on the cob, he reaches for a knife.

Serve him cereal, he lurches for a fork.

I digress, though not by much.

Ms. Sanchez is the issue, not Georgie Porgie.

Scarcely matters how long a liberal has gone to school. Morally denuded, and terminally deluded, nuances are as elusive to a Democrat as catching flying smoke in his clutching palms.

Incapable of thinking and acting by degrees, his mind is a lump. All is good. Or all is bad. Gray is nonexistent.

As we speak, Ms. Sanchez is being burned at the verbal stake that every loyal Democrat never leaves home without.

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