Hit ‘em Again, Billy, Harder, Harder

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Bill McKibben Photo: Julia Schmalz /Bloomberg via Getty

My late non-friend Al Einstein used to tell the boys down at the country philosophy store that doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result was a compact definition of insanity.

If Al can be accepted as a reliable observer, Billy McKibben, the daffy evangelical environmental leader, should fly (or walk) to Baltimore. Passing himself off as Freddie’s godfather, he finally could get arrested for being mentally minus and rid the environmental movement of its oldest eyesore. Or he could become a gofer in charge of Thud Demonstrations for Baltimore’s dreadfully overmatched liberal mayor or her kid sister, the immodest, incompetent liberal State’s Attorney.

Ever since he outgrew callowhood, Mr. McKibben has been trying to convince those infinitely wiser than he to outlaw fracking.

Normal people keep rejecting him.

Doggedly, Mr. McKibben, a shopworn liberal, returns to the same pump. He grinds out the same fictional nonsense about how fracking is causing freckles in Bangaladesh, and that Gov. Brown, a shopworn liberal, should outlaw fracking in California.

Remembering that Mr. Brown was Gov. Moonbeam in a previous life, how humiliating must it be for Mr. (Ah Do Believe) McKibben to be turned down by a Moonbeam. That is the bottom rung, baby. It should mean he is on the southerly tip of his hollow career.

Grim Mr. McKibben’s terminally recycled, mirthless anti-fracking essay this morning in the mirthless Los Angeles Times, a corporate shopworn liberal, would have been slotted on the comics page if the Times were normal and therefore had a sense of schoolboy humor.

Typical of emotion-packed liberal reasoning, Mr. McKibben wailed for one-third of a page against fracking  without ever (all together now) identifying a single reason except (all together again) it will save the planet.

Is this Mr. McKibben’s interpretation of arrogance or insanity?

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