Obama’s See-Through Skin

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The hottest tempered occupant of the White House since LBJ, President Obama has been guarded by the sycophantic media as if he were a sui generis desert sheik, which, coincidentally, is how the narcissist thinks of himself.

A mirror always is within reach.

Unlike even the bucolic LBJ, the arrogant Bozo Obama and the notion of class not only are strangers, they are enemies.

He regards manners as a foreign substance, and not the kind he sniffed as a high school and college student.

The thin-skinned bumbler embarrassed himself again yesterday, although, as a liberal, he does not ever acknowledge committing such an act.

For the hundredth time at a press conference, he behaved like the crude playground bully he is when the cameras are off.

Accustomed to toady-like questions from the compliant White House press corps, he conducted himself like a labor union organizer when, oddly, he was asked a stiff question by reporter Major Garrett of CBS:

During negotiations with the Iranian terrorists, why didn’t he even attempt to win the freedom of four caged American prisoners?

Clearly nonplussed, he lunged desperately for a rhetorical crutch.

Sideswiped and momentarily speechless, President Obama responded in punk style, resorting to page 1 of the liberal handbook:

“When you have no answer, dance and mock the questioner.”

Striving desperately to humiliate Mr. Garrett, “you should know better,” he scolded while flailing, sinking and wishing he were back with his pot-smoking pals.

The president never gave a reason, and when last seen, was dancing, even though hardly anyone was paying attention.

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