Pope Global Climate Warming

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Photo : Jeon Han / Republic of Korea

Is there no surviving decorum among left-wing personalities, even among the putatively sedate?

The popoff pontiff, His Peculiarness, Pope Francis (Hopefully) the Last, is traipsing about the world as if he is a high school boy rebounding from his first grownup booze party.

He may or may not be religiously knowledgeable, much less religiously reliable.

In the past year, the archly hard left, politically obsessed leader of the Catholic world has chased about spewing his downstream brand of socialism.

His Undisciplined Unholiness has behaved as if he is trying out for a small part in community theatre,

He has repeatedly and embarrassingly bellowed off-key about the nastiness of capitalism, branding it as a cancer (as if he would know).

P.F., as he apparently prefers to be known, lately has become  the darling of Kook Central by  grandiosely emitting nauseous gasses about climate warming and global change.

The pope struggles, not unlike his mirror image, President Obama, such as when the recent Kenya visitor struggles to characterize the contemporary social environment of America.

The most compelling question to be asked of Pope Francis is:

What is motivating you, sir?

God knows, along with those of us on the normal side of the ledger, that the global Catholic community is strongly in need of repair, more than you could manage to achieve if you live to be 200.

Stay with what you know. Or at least where you can vamp more authoritatively than you have managed so far with your nutbread science and dreadfully misguided governmental policy ranting.

Come back again next Earth Day.

Meantime, give us a chance to breathe clean air for the next nine months.

Eagerly I await a bulletin that the pope soon will preside over his first Catholic wedding between Caitlyn Jenner and a man, woman or transgendered person of his, her’s or its choice to the tune of:

Here comes the …what?

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