Tell the Steinles, Not Me

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Ms. Steinle

When the subject first was broached, the proposed solution sounded undeniably reasonable.

Liberals are history’s favorite guitarists. There they were again this morning, relentlessly, deafeningly strumming the strings of your heart, shamelessly pleading:

“Aw, mister. Please, mister. Just say yes. To say no would be cruel. Have you no compassion?”

The compelling headline on the weepy Daily Breeze editorial  read:

“Don’t deny poor immigrant kids healthcare.”

How can a reasonable person refuse massive healthcare benefits for illegal aliens and their families who crawled across the border, sneaked past authorities, fibbed then and now about their identity, crouch in shadows, and lie when they cash checks?

The open-borders favoring Breeze, employing strawmen language to make their case sound more palatable.

You would hope the South Bay newspaper was joking when it made the immoral sanctuary city argument:

“California has been at the forefront of  forward-thinking rules that integrate millions of undocumented immigrants into civic life instead of demonizing them.”

If you feel forced to use fake terminology to describe illegal aliens, how valid is your contention.

At stake is Senate Bill 4 by Ricardo Lara, Long Beach Democrat, that would allow all illegal aliens, including those who have been deported numerous times, to buy healthcare from the state exchange regardless of their immigration status.

The Breeze labels this plan “a sensible move,” if only because 13 percent of California schoolchildren are here illegally.

The editorial claims we should have enough compassion to overlook their illegal status.

I have six words for you:

Tell that to Katherine Steinle’s family.

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