These Guys Play with Fire

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Former altar boys believed on way to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich family picnic. Photo: Afn / EPA

Re: “Should Ex-Felons, Denied the Vote, Pay Taxes?” 

The astute president of the Culver City Democratic Club raises a brace of stimulating issues we will attempt to address over the next several days.

I cannot remember a public discussion of Sylvia Moore’s curious opening question:

“Should people who have paid their debt to society still be taxed if they aren’t allowed to vote?”

First response, what does one have to do with the other?

Second response: The bum better pay taxes to slightly redeem himself for his assault on society.

Third response: Have you seen the recidivism rate? That instantly disqualifies the inquiry as a legitimate question.

Taking a wild swing as my fourth response, what makes any left-winger think that the low-lifes shunted off to prison for raping blind old ladies,  dutifully paid their taxes before being caught?

This is an ironic question for Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC, whom Ms. Moore cites as her inspiration. Ms. Harris-Perry is a tax cheat. However, I digress.

These human zeroes were not prosecuted for filching a slice of grandma’s cherry pie.

Criminals are not to be compared to, say, a working man, who goes to his job, produces, and returns home with a clean conscience and a paycheck.

When a criminal leaves prison, he cannot remove his odiferous character as if he were doffing a suit of unattractive clothes.

He did something heinous. He is incapable of applying disappearing ink to his foul actions.

To those likely millions of left-wingers who mounted the Obama bandwagon a few weeks ago when the ill-qualified president said that a whole cast of inmates deserves to be on this side of bars because they did not commit serious crimes.

Bulletin: Boy Scouts, generally, do not go to prison.

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