Emerging a Winner in Las Vegas

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Mike Hennessey
Mike Hennessey

Dateline Dayton — While I was in Las Vegas last week, I made a side trip to Southern California to see my friend Editor Ari in Culver City. It wasn’t easy getting to California. I started by getting lost in Las Vegas. I finally went with my gut. I didn’t try to follow directions. It worked, I was on I-15 heading west.

When I arrived near my destination, this time I really got lost. I threatened to buy a GPS, which my son assured me I would not need. “Dad, you have a phone,” he said. “It will work better.”

That could have been true if I had been able to make my phone work.

I decided to call Ari and ask for help.

That might have worked, too, if I hadn’t forgotten to pick up his phone number. I ended up calling my office and asking someone to find the number on my desk.

Frustrating, but it all worked out.

Returning for Tournament

On Friday I made the return trip to Las Vegas, with no problems to participate in the Silver Strike Tournament, at the Four Queens.

Always a fun time, it is even better if you win. With the side trip, I didn’t have much free time. However, I did make it to Hooters for lunch on Friday prior to returning my rental car. They do have great fish sandwiches.

Friday evening was the welcome dinner and the Silver Strikers’ business meeting. Later I walked down very busy Fremont Street, before going to my room for much needed sleep.

Most of Saturday was spent at the Four Queen with tournament play and our Silver Strikers Club party. In between tournament play, I did get to the El Cortez, which also has a strike machine. I didn’t do well.

When the third and last round of play began on Sunday, I was second to last.
My strategy: Finish last and you earn a gift. No way was I going to be in the money.

My strategy didn’t work. I had my best round, racking up more points than I had in my previous two rounds combined. In the largest field the tournament ever has drawn, I ended up in 125th place out of 144.

In the evening I took the bus down to the Strip. I eat at Twin Peaks, which I remembered seeing on the television show “Undercover Boss.” Waitresses there were not under much cover, if you get my drift. Next stop was the Venetian, to play their Silver Strike machine, and then it was back downtown to pack for the trip home early Monday morning.

I didn’t do as well as I would have liked, but I didn’t lose much money. That makes me a winner!

Mr. Hennessey may be contacted at pmhenn@sbcglobal.net

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