Farewell and Thank You

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Nicholas Pollak
Nicholas Pollak

I actually had not anticipated writing any more essays. Only a certain number of times can I repeat advice and instructions.

Looking back over the past years since I started to write these essays, I was struck by how the content has changed.

At first, I wrote essays very specific in their content. Designed to be educational, they sought to help any person with an understanding of his or her habits, communications and behaviors.

I began to change gradually by giving examples of the multitude of issues presented to a hypnotist. I thought that these stories would be helpful for potential clients or for hypnotists starting their careers.

I have frequently repeated the following messages:

Learn to communicate more effectively by understanding that we all talk in a mixture of two ways, literal and inference.

  • “No food or drink permitted in the store” is a literal statement.
  • The same message conveyed with inference is “Thank you for not bringing your food or drink into the store.”

Remember that however you take in information, you speak out the opposite way.

It is important to remember that when you talk with yourself (that little voice you hear in your head) you do it as if talking to someone else — so any suggestions you give yourself will not be effective. For effective self talk, talk to yourself as others speak to you. If you are literal in and inference out, talk to yourself literally.

Understand your behaviors and the behaviors of those around you.

Remember there are two main types of people. First, the Physicals.

They experience life through their bodies.

  • They are open.
  • They love people.
  • They dress in a way that shows what they have as well as applying heavier makeup and excessive jewelry.
  • Their priorities: Family is No. 1, activities involving many people are No. 2, and work is No. 3.
  • Their opposites, Emotionals, are cool, calm, objective, detached.
  • Their priorities: Work is No. 1, individual activities are No. 2, and family is No. 3.
  • Emotionals tend to dress in ways that cover their bodies. Sparing with their jewelry, they apply makeup lightly.
  • Emotionals understand that of the brain power we have available, we only use 5 percent. Of that 5 percent, only 10 percent is your conscious mind, 90 percent being your subconscious.

It becomes clear, therefore, that to bring change, it must be created within the subconscious. This is why hypnosis is so effective in developing rapid change — because it interacts with the subconscious.

Finally, be careful what you eat. High carbohydrate diets that are low in protein result in sugar level swings that cause moodiness, anxiety, even panic attacks.

Try to ensure a protein-rich diet.

Eat small amounts of protein on a two- hourly basis.

I want to thank The Front Page Online for publishing my articles. Thank you, readers, for digesting what I have had to say.

When you have the opportunity, try hypnosis with me or another hypnotist. See what an amazing difference hypnosis can make for anyone willing to try.

For the final time, I wish you goodbye, good luck and be well.

Do not hesitate to contact me by telephone, 310.204.3321, or by email at nickpollak@hypnotherapy4you.net. See my website at www.hypnotherapy4you.net

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