Finding a Lost Car at Christmastime

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Mike Hennessey
Mike Hennessey

Dateline Dayton – Twas the week before Christmas, and…

Last Thursday was my regular dental appointment, and I knew my dentist was not going to be happy with me. He wasn’t.

He said I should have come in as soon as I lost my tooth. I told him I already had made three emergency visits since my last checkup.

I got my normal chisel job, removing the plaque, which I believe is all that is holding my teeth in, and a brushing. The hygienist was able to find two small cavities. Dr. Tom said he would schedule me in ASAP, prior to the holidays.

Friday I finally worked all day and took Pauline out for supper at our favorite Chinese restaurant.

I went down to the market Saturday to find canned beef for our party tomorrow. As soon as I got back to the house, we left for Cincinnati to attend granddaughter Madi’s basketball game.

Our son Bill is the coach. He sure puts his heart, soul and voice into the game. They got skunked, 15-3.

Afterward, Bill’s wife, Julie left for yoga, so Bill asked if we wanted to go out for a meal. A foolish question. We always are willing. Bill, Madi, Pauline and I drove to a chili restaurant. I wasn’t impressed, especially since I don’t like chili. They had a full menu, but it just wasn’t that good.

I told Bill we needed to go to the mall for a gift for our grandson Jarod. He wanted a Cincinnati Reds package, and the team had a kiosk in the mall. We drove to the mall in tandem.

Where Did I Park?

We bought the gift we wanted, and then the trouble started.

Arriving at the parking lot, we couldn’t find our car.

Of course, I did not have my phone, and Pauline’s had very little life. So we could not call Bill for help.

A nice lady stopped. Could she help? Not really.

I stopped a security guard who was driving around. He was of no help. What a waste.

I knew the name of the road we took into the mall. I told Pauline we were going inside and would follow the signs. Sure! The sign for the road went nowhere. Next stop was customer service. They told me where the exit was for the road we needed.

Sure enough, after over an hour of walking, we were able to locate our car on the upper parking lot.

From there it was a short drive to Hamilton to see our daughter, Lisa, who was at work. We wanted to make sure we were buying the right items for her daughters. She was at lunch. We waited for her.

After church on Sunday, followed by breakfast and a visit to a Christmas store that doesn’t sell much in the way of Christmas gifts, it was time to retrieve the Christmas decoration.

I had already positioned our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree for Pauline, and she had it decorated with her cross stitch items.

Monday was my dental appointment, and the electrician was coming to install our new circuit and bathroom fans, which did get accomplished.

Tuesday, I had a doctor appointment and the electrician was returning to install a bathroom fan at Chris’s and lights at our daughter’s new place.

We had the insulation people at our place and at our daughter’s.


Friday evening we will celebrate Christmas.

Happy Chanukah and a very Merry Christmas.

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