Why Help Them, Not Us?

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Three accused UCLA shoplifters, LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, Jalen Hill

Fellow Veterans and Friends of Veterans,

Where is President Trump’s help for our war-injured homeless Veterans who have had their land stolen by the UCLA athletic department?

UCLA basketball players are leaving China after Mr. Trump intervenes


Incredulously, President Trump stepped in on behalf of three UCLA basketball players caught on security video last week in China and subsequently arrested for stealing very expensive sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store next to their hotel.

So why is the president stepping up for these three thugs caught stealing sunglasses but not stepping up for U.S. military Veterans falsely accused of displaying a “placard” when we were displaying our own American flags?

The same goes for the unconstitutional arrest citations, assault and battery, false imprisonment by VA police officers for taking photos of their illegal activity.

Why does the president stand up for criminal activity by collegiate basketball players on foreign soil and condones criminal activity by his own Dept. of Veterans Affairs on American soil?

And let us not forget that the so-called leadership at UCLA essentially stole 10 acres of Veterans VA property for their collegiate baseball diamond.

UCLA pays pennies on the mega-million-dollar value of some of the most valuable property in the USA while forcing war-injured Veterans to live homeless and hungry at skid row and in back-alley squalor.

The UCLA baseball diamond was one of nine VA real estate deals adjudicated in federal court in 2013 to be “unauthorized by law and therefore void.”

This heist of Veterans property deeded as a National Home for Disabled Veterans was conveniently “vacated” at a private meeting behind closed doors with a so-called settlement agreement that promised to end Veteran homelessness in Los Angeles by 2015.

Los Angeles is still our nation’s capital for homeless Veterans.

UCLA was given a pass and remains on VA property with another sweetheart deal.

So why shouldn’t these athletes take something that did not belong to them, knowing they would also be given a pass by our own government the same way UCLA’s so-called leaders were given a pass?  There’s no moral leadership anymore!

The grand theft of Veterans’ land inside the VA has been going on for years.

When the Old Veterans Guard aggressively helped to expose it (federal judgment), we were retaliated against and arrested for proudly displaying our own American flags outside the VA.


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