How Public Can We Be?

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Nicholas Pollak
Nicholas Pollak

The Evolution Production Co. wondered if I would be interested in appearing on a reality show called “Vanderpump Rules.” Why? What did they want?

A cast member was having a difficult time with anger, anxiety and alcohol. Could I video the entire session with the cast member? Yes, I said, providing they did not show some things that I considered proprietary.

No they said. The whole session or they would find someone else.

Alright by me, I said.

They were reluctant to change because, they said, of all the people they called, O was the only one who knew what they were talking about. I was the only one interested in the welfare of the client rather than personal publicity.

I take my profession seriously. I would unhappy if they showed hypnotherapy in a comedic or negative light.

If they wanted sensationalism, they should have hired a stage hypnotist.

I explained that under all circumstances, whether in front of TV cameras or in private with my client, my only concern is the welfare of my client.

Since the session was going to span just 2 to 3 minutes, I agreed they could tape it in its entirety.

They told me the troubled cast member wants to be better. He realized that his behavior when drunk was causing harm to his career and his social life.

When drunk, he becomes anxious, angry and then he drinks more in an attempt to combat these feelings. His character changed from nice to nasty.

I have heard this before.

I experienced this myself for nine years. My ex-wife had a similar issue. When she drank, she became vicious and spiteful. Both the cast member and my ex-wife are allergic to alcohol. Most clients with drinking issues are also allergic.

An Almost Tragedy

I knew an 18-year-old who drank excessively. When his parents brought him in, we found he underwent severe personality changes when he drank. He said he drank because his friends did.

If his friends ate peanut butter and he emulated them knowing he would die because of a peanut allergy, would he eat peanut butter?

He said no because he would be dead. I warned him that if he kept drinking he would lose his parents, his education and ultimately his friends because of his obnoxious drunken attitude.

I advised him to find a better way to release pent-up frustrations. Running, weightlifting any sport providing an energy outlet.

He understood what was happening. Shortly he quit drinking. He still saw his friends.

As for the reality show cast member I spoke of in the beginning, his anxiety partially resulted from low blood sugar. Alcohol spikes the blood sugar levels. Wildly swinging blood sugar levels cause anxiety, depression and panic. The brain needs sugar to function. Everything we eat and drink (other than water) breaks down to the sugar the brain needs to function. These levels are constantly fluctuating from excessive sugar (caused by the alcohol).

When the sugar levels plummeted as the alcohol wore off, the cast member experienced low blood sugar. Unless he consumed protein to stabilize his blood sugar levels, mood changes would continue

My hope is to give him the tools and a low sugar, high protein diet.

When he is shown how to reduce his anger, depression and anxiety, his thirst for drink should sharply decline.

Interestingly, the production company is not paying for the session. The cast member is. He knows that further sessions will be needed, off-camera.

We shall see how it goes. When I know the air date, I will let you know.

Since I originally wrote this essay, the show has rescheduled three. I told them goodbye.

As a friend said, “That’s Hollywood.”

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