I Was So Disappointed

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Mike Hennessey

Dateline Dayton — The Dayton Dragons baseball team is not doing well in the second half of the season.

In last place, the Dragons have a record of 35 losses and 14 wins.  Even though they are not playing well, it’s still enjoyable to attend their games.

Jose Siri has added to the excitement by hitting safely in 39 consecutive games. He broke the all-time Midwest League record that had stood for 40 years. He surpassed the 35-game streak of Tony Toupa of the Waterloo Indians in 1977.

As with all good things his streak ended last week. In what turned out to be his last at- bat, he was intentionally walked.

Trouble immediately.

The intentional walk was not well received by Siri, by the team or by Dragon fans.

I watched the game on television, and that intentional walk was all the announcers talked about for the rest of the game. The  Dragons lost.

I am at a loss as to why the opposing team would not pitch to him.

You would think continuing his hitting streak would be good for the league.  Possibly, they wanted to be known as the team that ended Jose’s streak.

Wearing Thin

A few weeks ago I wrote about what people wear to church.

I should have included the presence of cell phones.

Last Sunday in church, someone’s cell phone went off.  Not a soft ring, it was a loud and musical. It rang for too long.

Shortly, blaringly, it went off again.

I have a hard enough time concentrating in church. Many thoughts are running through my mind. Then a noisy cell phone suddenly sets me off.

Our service only lasts a little over an hour.

I do not understand. Why can’t people attending church give the Lord that time without their cell phones?

I leave mine in the car. If anyone calls, I can  call them back — if I even want to talk to them.

Weather Thou Shinest

The weather here in Ohio has been gorgeous.  We have been fortunate that most of the nasty weather has missed us.  We have had an abundance of rain. So lawns have not turned brown as they normally do in mid-August.

Attending baseball games has been a delight. Sometimes we even take a jacket, just in case it gets too cool.

One thing for sure: We will pay for our great weather. It probably will begin soon \ since school is starting.

Hot, dry weather will celebrate the reopening of school.  We should prepare for a nasty winter.  We do live in Ohio!


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