Is Unity a Forlorn Hope?

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Mike Hennessey
Mike Hennessey

Dateline Dayton — I took Pauline to her eye doctor appointment at 12:30 last Thursday, and four hours later we were leaving the building. I had warned her, that this doctor is slow.

Her regular eye doctor retired at the end of last year, and this was her first visit. I use the same doctor — until I want a second opinion.

The only redeeming element — besides a good report on Pauline’s eyes — is that the doctor is very good and he takes his time. He apologized for the delay, explaining that “I was on call.” Breakfast and her appointment were all we accomplished that day.

Time Out

Although I’m not much of a sports fan, except for my Dayton Dragons baseball team, I did watch the Super Bowl. I strongly wanted Atlanta to win. I don’t like anything about the New England Patriots, including quarterback Tom Brady or the coach.

I feel they have cheated to get where they are. The team should have been penalized.

I was encouraged during the early part of the game. Atlanta was playing exceptionally well. Brady looked disgusted. I realized a lot can happen in a short period. I was encouraged when the announcer said, “no one has come back to win from a 21-point deficit.”

The Patriots came out a new team in the second half. Combined with mistakes by Atlanta, the won the first ever overtime Super Bowl. I hope Atlanta has learned, it does not pay to hold. Holding penalties cost them the game.

I was also disappointed in the commercials. Unlike previous years, none was outstanding. A couple were funny, some were serious, many I didn’t understand. Also, I was put off by the number commercials promoting films and television shows I was not interested in. I wonder if they were unable to sell commercial time to others.

What Are You Against?

I realize we are free to protest. But I wish everyone would give President Trump a chance. He made promises that got him elected. Now some don’t want him to fulfill his promises.

I have always wondered: How do protesters live?

What do they do to support themselves?

Or are they funded by a cause? Daddy? Or worse, the taxpayers of America?

If we are supporting protesters in any way, their livelihood should be discontinued immediately.

I do not want to support protesters.

You can disagree and I do. But it should be done in a civilized manner. Today we have the ease of email to let people know we do not agree. There is still mail, I know that dates me, but sometimes it works. Hey, you can even write a letter to the editor.

I did not vote for either Trump or Clinton, but I believe the office of the President of the United States deserves respect, even if we disagree!

Someday, I hope politicians wake up and realize they were elected to serve the public, not their party or any special interest group.

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