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Mr. Rosebrock

Fellow Americans,

Watch this link from Steve Harvey’s Sunday night television show, “Little Big Shots.”  http://www.raredr.com/news/LCA-national-anthem

Gavin Stevens is a blind seven-year old boy who belts out the National Anthem with patriotic love and passion.

Everyone in the audience is standing and proudly holding small American flags.

You can bet the family farm that not one person believes that he or she is waving a placard, handbill, etc., like the VA police and U.S. Attorneys would have you believe.

On April 18, our nation’s colors will be on trial in federal court. I will stand falsely accused by the Los Angeles VA and U.S. Attorneys office of holding a flag, called a “placard” or “materials such as pamphlets, handbills, and/or flyers.”

At a time when the U.S. government disrespectfully makes a mockery of the American flag and professional athletes shamefully kneel during the national anthem, let us all stand up for the American flag and sing along with Gavin.

On April 18, proudly display the American flag outside your home, on your car, in your office, on your lapel — everywhere — in moral and patriotic support of our nation’s colors.

Let us all be thankful to Judicial Watch for watching over and legally defending Old Glory.

Mr. Rosebrock may be contacted at rrosebrock1@aol.com

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