Looking for Cause? Start with Diet

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Nicholas Pollak
Nicholas Pollak

A desperate client was on the line, suffering insomnia, fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety.

Medication offered no relief. She knew it was not the answer.

This was a simple case to resolve, uncomplicated, but to her it was crammed with painful complexities,

I have written before that clients often commonly come to me as a last resort.

I agree with those who say that a suffering person who takes drugs for the problem can find relief. Unfortunately the longer suffering persons take their medications, the more they need. The more they take, though, the less effective the medication becomes. (This refers more to pain medications than to others.)

A major problem in America is that too many people have become hooked on their pain medications. Finally, the American Medical Assn. has acknowledged this, but it does not have a resolution.

A response is clear to me: Try alternative methods — acupuncture
and/or hypnosis.

People who gave up their pain medications and tried hypnosis found relief within a year. Their pain was significantly reduced without the need for drugs. They practiced self-hypnosis for 20 minutes each day.

In the case of the client I mentioned in my introduction, her blood sugar levels were severely out of whack, triggering anxiety and depression. Fibromyalgia was helped by relaxation of the body that hypnosis provides. The formula: A deep level of relaxation, hyper-concentration, awareness.

Zeroing in on Cause

When a client is not eating properly, he or she is consuming too many carbohydrates. The carbs swiftly break down to sugar, which fails to provide long-term nourishment to the brain. The brain worries where its nutrition is, sparking fear and anxiety in a person.

The result: The body produces adrenaline that breaks down to Cortisol, which breaks down to sugar. Once the brain has the sugar, it calms for 30 minutes, and then the same nagging process is repeated.

Aside from her health problems, my client had three children, compounding her stress, aggravating her health.

Hypnosis and diet proved a swift, lasting cure.

Her anxiety eased. Relaxing more helped her to overcome the fibromyalgia.

As she became more stable, her depression vanished. Her new high- protein diet energized her.

Finally the diet helped her to constantly function from her high thinking faculties. She reached more logical decisions rather than the emotional choices she had been making.

With the change in her eating habits, and in the amount and types of food she consumed as well as the hypnotic intervention, she was much better within a few short weeks.

Her doctors are weaning her off some medications.

They are not sure how or why she is better, but they see the change.

Her family happily sees the improvement and her home life is better.

She is her husband’s girlfriend and lover once again and a more patient mother with her children.

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