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Mike Hennessey

Dateline Dayton — A few week ago I had my semi-annual doctor visit. 

He asked the normal questions. However, I asked about having another stress test.

It had been some time since my previous one.  Occasional chest pain has become more prevalent. 

Dr. Brad thought it might be a good idea.

He said it will probably show nothing. 

I told him that I didn’t know if I would be able to complete the test. Walking seems to bring on the pain.  He said they were options, but he wanted w me to be on the treadmill.

Wednesday came, and off I went to the hospital. 

First was the IV so they could pump me full of something, assuring me that I would not glow in the dark.  There were pictures followed by the test. 

It didn’t happen that fast, and I spent a lot of the time waiting. 

While in the waiting room for the actual test, a lady came in and we began to talk.  She was an employee of the hospital who happened to have the same symptoms. 

She told me that when she experiences the problem, she takes two aspirins and an antacid tablet.

This appeared to work.

However, this time she had an attack at work, which put her in the hospital requiring the same test as mine.  She feels the problem is caused by a muscle in the esophagus.

Time came for my test and I was told that they wanted my heart rate up to 122 and I was to remain on the treadmill for another minute. 

Although it was difficult, I was able to accomplish the task.  I walked out of the hospital and went to work in the afternoon.

Last week I had another doctor’s appointment.

He needed to do a physical to satisfy the insurance company.  Passed that with flying colors. 

He did review the results of the stress test, and said things actually looked better than the last one.

Still he couldn’t explain why I was having the chest discomfort.  I have lived with it this long, so I will just continue going about my daily routine.

The Patience of Jobs

Our daughter Darlene and granddaughter Heather both have landed jobs.  With Heather getting a job, it’s time for her to start looking for a place of her own.  Actually, she is moving into our son Chris’s condo, as he would like a ground floor unit so he could have a patio.

His downstairs neighbor just died  and Chris happened to meet the neighbor’s brother who was cleaning out the unit. He inquired about it.

I just happened to pass Chris shortly thereafter. He told me I could go see the unit. 

I have prepared an offer for the unit, which I will give him today.  Have the result for you next time.

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