One Is Not a Magic Number

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Nicholas Pollak
Nicholas Pollak

A new client was short on funds and wanted me to help her i only one session.

Here is what she wanted resolved:

  • Chronic pain relief
  • Restless legs syndrome
  • Insomnia
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Anxiety
  • Panic.

She has been seeing multiple doctors. No relief.

It was a little unreasonable, I thought, to expect a hypnotherapist to resolve everything in one short session.

Clearly unrealistic.

Yet many clients believe hypnosis will fix them in one session because of what they have seen in stage shows.

A stage show is not truly showing the full benefits of what hypnotherapy can do to help one who is willing to try.

People at stage shows have an unrealistic view of what hypnosis can do.

They believe everyone can be hypnotized instantly, be made to do anything. The hypnotist has control of your mind.

A hypnotist never can take over someone’s mind.

Nor can he make a person do anything against his will.

If you just say ‘No, I do not want to be hypnotized,’ hypnosis cannot occur. For hypnosis to work, you must at least be willing.

My new client was indeed willing to be hypnotized. But she has had these health problems for years.

Her subconscious is more comfortable with than without.

This sounds harsh.

The reality is, after being sick for so long, her subconscious has been taught that being ill every day is the norm. It will give what it has been trained to give. Therefore, she remained ill.

The good news was that she was a good hypnotic candidate.

When she left, she did say that she was experiencing significant relief.

It only lasted for four days.

Flirting with Success

A perfect example of why I have clients come back one week from their first session. The hypnosis always will take effect and help the client. The amount of time it works will vary — unless the person gains the necessary reinforcement so the hypnosis can take a deeper, longer effect.

Three sessions over three weeks followed by three more over six weeks workvery well. This pattern helps each client to gain desired changes and for the changes to stick.

As a further adjunct, I teach each client how to self-hypnotize.

It is crucial to understand the process and become adept at it. This way, persons can continuously create changes.

I have done this for myself.

Self-hypnosis helps me gain the changes I want because I know that I do not need to accept the automatic behaviors I have acquired over my life.

Like many people, I have experienced major setbacks in my life. Hypnosis has helped me become the internally prosperous person I am.

Success was not quick.

Hard work and positive visualizations made the differences. I planned the work and worked the plan.

I encourage you to try hypnosis. Remember, you will need more than one session.

Do not hesitate to contact me by telephone, 310.204.3321, or by email at See my website at

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