The Right Way to Celebrate the 4th

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Mike Hennessey

Dateline Dayton — Since our granddaughter’s boyfriend was here from Michigan, we started celebrating the 4th of July on Monday evening, after I got home from work. 

Pauline and I were joined by our daughters, Darlene and Lisa, family members, our son Chris, and Heather’s boyfriend Kyle. 

We fixed hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. Along with chips, potato salad and watermelon, we enjoyed a perfect party.

On the 4th our condo association has a flag ceremony and a parade.

Lisa and Darlene convinced Heather to decorate her bike for the parade.  Lisa took the lead in this project, cutting out stars from paper plates and using painter’s tape to decorate the spokes.  They attached soda cans to the back of the bike.  Kyle got into the spirit. He went to the store and bought decorations for his car.

The flag ceremony noon was immediately followed by the parade.  There were a couple cars in addition to Kyle’s, but none decorated like his.  A number of bicycles, some decorated fancier than Heather’s, joined in. None, though, featured a string of soda cans. Therefore she was the noisiest.

At 1 o’clock, there was a hot dog party at the pool.

Each resident was asked to bring a covered dish. I brought small bag of chips, which I did cover since that was the instruction. 

The weather cooperated. It did not rain until after 3. Then the rain was over, allowing for fireworks in Centerville at dark.

This Could Kill You

The 4th must have been like a war zone in Chicago. A hundred people were shot, 14 killed.

Here in Dayton three people were killed, one a 14 year old girl, who attended Carroll High School with our granddaughter Madison.

The girl was shot in her home during a gun battle outside. 

Her brother was involved in the fight between friends. 

How sad what children have to deal with.  A mother was passed out in her car at McDonald’s with three young children in the backseat.  An open beer can was in the car. Her breath test was over twice the legal limit. Children need help.

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