Sherman Tanks Again

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Mr. Sherman

Shards of sanity may be making a comeback among the loosely strung together minds of shaky-ankled leftists.

When the red-eyed Los Angeles Times declined yesterday to report Congressman Brad Sherman’s drunken sally into a netherworld, normal people read this as an encouraging sign.

The day after Bozo Sherman filed articles of impeachment against President Trump, he eluded every paddy wagon as he sashayed home.

Known in some circles as Frank N. Stein, attention-seeking Bozo is no newcomer to the haunted universe of cheap-shot Democrats.

Bozo used to clumsily sashay into my synagogue on Yom Kippur at an inopportune time every year to gain announced notice from the rabbi.

Same unimaginative Bozo act every time.

Bozo may even be more Jewish than the pope. Is this all he has to bray about?

One reason the Times did not put the Sherman story into print was that closely resembles hundreds of his desperate Democrat pals. Reportedly each night before he can fall asleep, Bozo is heard mumbling 50 times, “Hillary did not really lose.” Nearby, a recording plays endlessly, “Yes, I did. I was not as competent as Mr. Trump.”

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