Twas a Grand Day

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Mr. Rosebrock

Fellow Americans and Friends of Veterans,

Sunday’s 500th consecutive Veterans’ Rally was a special gathering except for when the VA police repeatedly patrolled back and forth from the Grand Lawn area — stalking, intimidating, harassing us.

At least they didn’t come outside and intervene, their normal M.O.

Eighty-six-year old Dave Culmer, 70 percent disabled Marine combat Veteran of the Korean War and Vietnam War, brought fresh fruit, cheeses and hors d’oeuvres for refreshments.

Yvonne Dipre, widow of the late Aldo Dipre, drove in from the San Fernando Valley with her children and grandchildren. They brought delicious, ice-cold watermelon.

Martinelli’s Apple Juice, founded in 1868 (20 years before the Deed of 1888), donated refreshing sparkling apple cider.

Hank Papeika, a 90-year-old World War II and Korean War Veteran, drove in from Thousand Oaks.

Rusty Rustan, a 100 percent disabled Vietnam War Veteran, drove up from Huntington Beach.

It was a memorable Sunday afternoon.

At a time when NFL players disrespect the American flag, we were honoring Old Glory, led by Ted Hayes, aka Mr. Patriot, as we paid special tribute to the late and great Aldo Dipre, a 97-year-old disabled World War II Veteran.

See attached photos of Sunday’s event.

Thanks for all who participated in this the Old Veterans Guard milestone to Save Our Veterans Land and to Bring Our Homeless Veterans Home.

God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution!
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One Comment on ““Twas a Grand Day”

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you, Mr. Rosebrock.
    First, thank you for your service.
    Thank you for continuing to shine light on the challenge of our homeless veterans, who do not have home or peace of mind.
    Thanks to all the veterans who served and continue to serve.
    Thank you for standing in honor of the flag and our National Anthem.
    Thanks to those who “also served” to protect the right to assembly, and to the right to kneel to express their opinion.
    Last but not least, the All Powerful G-d who gave us these inalienable rights.
    G-d bless the USA.

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