We Are Slaves to Routine

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Nicholas Pollak
Nicholas Pollak

We look for routine in our daily lives. This gives us comfort.

As a hypnotherapist, clients have very different reasons for seeking me out. What they have in common is operating by rote each day.

Many are passing through life without actually being involved – except for their daily social and work routines.

I spend my time dehypnotizing clients from negative beliefs while creating positive personal changes.

I, too, am guilty of routine. I don’t want it upset.

Change, however, can be stimulating. It allows me to think more about what I am doing, how it is affecting me and others.

Vacation is the best time to see this. When we go away, we see newness. This makes us see things from a different perspective. Wen returning refreshed from vacation, new perspectives are common.

Here is a desirable view: “I have more fun and financial success when I think less of what I want and more of how to give to others.”

I ask clients to tell me a car they saw on their way to my office. No one remembers — unless it is a police car or an emergency vehicle.

Driving is like life — often we do not pay attention to what is going on around us. Say you return from work to find your home has been burgled. Emotional and financial shock.

To awaken yourself from the dryness of routine, try changing habits. Put your watch on the other wrist. Change the way you shower. Drive a slightly different route to work each day. Go to different stores and restaurants. Try something you never have done. Let yourself become more aware of people around you.

Remember what John Lennon said: “Life happens while you are busy making plans.”

Devote attention to what you are doing. See your greater potential. Find out how to get what you want, make a plan and work it.

Hypnosis helps in many ways. Once you start effective hypnotherapy, your life will improve.

Hypnosis gives you tools to ensure that you keep your new life in the right direction.

Do not hesitate to contact me by telephone, 310.204.3321, or by email at nickpollak@hypnotherapy4you.net. See my website at www.hypnotherapy4you.net

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